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Click here to see a recent discussion on the topic of web video from the LP’s official blog.

My feeling is this…

If Libertarians want to do multimedia on the web, the best solution would be to copy what the Green Party did earlier this year. Just do it better.


Select a future event or a set of related issues, then recruit a half-dozen top-quality Libertarian officeholders to record some audio and video. Once you have that, cut it all together into a single package.

Avoid the mistakes that the Greens made in the example above. They used people who weren’t really good public speakers and they didn’t get top names. They have city councilmen in major cities, a state representative, and quite a few mayors… yet they went mostly with candidates for office.

The LP has former state representatives, mayors, city councilmen, judges, sheriffs, and other officeholders of its own. Use them to show people that Libertarians actually win elections every once in a while.

This is all pretty simple stuff, and though I do not personally have the knowledge to do it… I’ve seen professional looking video produced for the web at a very minimal cost. It’s less an issue of money and more an issue of motivation and organization.

3 Responses to “LP Blog Discussion on Web Video”

  1. undercover_ararchist Says:

    The GP’s state of the union was embarassingly lame. Their candidates should sign up for Toastmasters or something.. It was painful to watch.

  2. Eric Sundwall Says:

    Our campaign started last month and has been video documenting it from the beginning. We use a Canon GL2 and a Sony Handy DVDCam. We also have a classic Bolex for ‘effect’ shots.

    Once we get through the initial startup hump, we intend to use video footage in a variety of ways. We have already made a TV appearance and filmed before and after sequences.

    Eric Sundwall
    Libertarian Candidate NY’s 20th Congressional district

  3. glasscubeyou Says:

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