Today’s Candidate: Craig Bergland

TUESDAY —April 4th, 2006

Today’s candidate of the day is Craig Bergland for Governor of Nevada.

Bergland is running as a Green candidate and his website reflects those values and then some.

A single, very long page… it contains not only the usual “vote for me” pitch but also…

> a federal debt clock

> a “game” for kids to count the commercials they see on TV

> illustrated instructions on how to build a solar cooker

> the candidate’s recipe for Lemon Tahini Dressing

> and a picture of the candidate riding a motorcycle as part of a Geico “just saved money on my car insurance” joke

(and some other stuff I probably missed)

The website:

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  1. Austin Cassidy’s Third Party Watch » Blog Archive » Says:

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  2. craig bergland Says:

    Thanks for review. The motorcycle is actually a moped (which I plan to drive across Nevada on for my campaign). It paid for itself in gas savings after the first 4,000 miles, costs about 4 cents a mile in gas, and is a personal attempt to reduce my carbon footprint on the planet as well as conserve. Sold my car several years ago.
    Website will be revised shortly as per your comments of Tuesday. Thanks

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