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The Reform Party—created by billionaire Ross Perot during the height of his 1990s political activism—appeared virtually dead by the 2004 election cycle. Nationally, the RP still appears to be flat-lining—but they just scored a respectable Congressional candidate in Colorado that could cause problems in November for a GOP incumbent. Lifelong Republican Eric Eidsness—a former Navy officer who served as Assistant EPA Administrator under President Reagan—bolted to the Reform Party this week to continue his run against Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave®. Eidsness is a fiscal conservative who argues today’s Republican Party is too dominated by religious social conservatives. He also disagrees with Musgrave’s seemingly single-minded focus on anti-gay legislation. All this has to be music to the ears of the DCCC, as State Representative Angie Paccione is solid challenger. Colorado is skewing much more purple in recent years, and Musgrave seems to regularly win re-election by lackluster margins. Race rating: GOP Favored.

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  1. Daniel Ong Says:

    First known (by me) newspaper article (Saturday) on his Reform Party candidacy:

    Insider coverage:

    Others and I commented on his possible candidacy problems because of his recent affiliation (twelve months required?) with the Reform Party at:

    As a Republican he would have had to get at least 10% of the votes at the Republican district assembly to be eligible to petition onto the primary ballot, and 30% to automatically be placed on the primary ballot. Republican Party leadership is generally unsupportive of challenges to incumbent Republicans.

    Running as a Reform Party candidate (if he survives possible legal challenges to his candidacy) he might take enough support away from Musgrave (and Paccione) to make it an interesting race. Musgrave has moderated her stands recently after realizing she was vulnerable to being defeated (weak re-election results). A Green Party challenger got 4.17% in 2004, even after telling voters to vote for the Democrat challenger if they thought it was going to be close.

    Colorado’s 4th district, roughly the rural eastern third of Colorado, fairly strongly leans Republican. Population centers include Ft. Collins (Colorado State University), Greeley (University of Northern Colorado), Loveland, and Longmont.

    I noticed his endorsement by Tom Sutherland, nationally known former hostage, as well as a former Republican congressman from this district. Those endorsements should carry some weight.

    I live only 15 miles from this district. I nearly forced a mandatory statewide recount by my candidacy in 2004 for University of Colorado Regent as a Libertarian (I got 4.25%). My fellow Libertarian candidate for regent in the 4th district got 28% with some effort in a two-way race against a Republican incumbent.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Additional ‘proof’ that Democans and Republicrats are the incestuous doupoly which as lead the Globe’s one and only super power to the (richly deserved!) position of inter national Laughing Stock! Additional ‘proof’ that long term reform will come from the Radical Center, the Messy Middle!

    [email protected], a reform minded citizen from Collie Fornia

  3. Jim 101 Says:

    It’s good to see individuals that are guided by principles, rather than blind party allegaince. I hope to see more moves like this.

    What happened to the Libertarian minded Republican party that Barry Goldwater championed? I think if he were still around today, he would also have moved over to the Reform Party…

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