Bludorn Makes Strong Showing as Republican

This news is about a week old, but still pretty interesting. As we’d reported, former Libertarian candidate Scott Bludorn was running for State House again, but this time as a Republican.

In 2004 he received slightly more than 8% of the vote in the general election. This year, he polled 46% in the GOP primary and nearly defeated the incumbent.

An impressive showing… details from the Chicago Tribune:

Buffalo Grove Republican state Rep. Sidney Mathias has won his party’s nomination, beating a challenger who previously ran against Mathias as a Libertarian.

With 91 of 99 precincts reporting in Illinois’ 53rd Representative District, Mathias had 54 percent to Scott Bludorn’s 46 percent, according to unofficial returns Thursday from the Cook and Lake County clerks’ offices.

Mathias, 61, a former village president of Buffalo Grove, has held the seat since 1999. Bludorn, 42, ran against him as a Libertarian in 2004.

Mathias will face Democrat Michael MacDonald, who got 76 percent of the vote in a contest with activist Rob Sherman, 53. MacDonald, 49, a retired mechanical engineer, is making his first run for public office.

7 Responses to “Bludorn Makes Strong Showing as Republican”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    Will Scott Bludorn now endorse Sidney Matthias? Will the Libertarian Party have a candidate in the General Election?

  2. George Phillies Says:

    Bludorn abandoned the Libertarian party and ensured that he would not be on the ballot in November.

  3. Chris Bennett Says:

    Bludorn ran a good campaign, a campaign 90 percent of libertarians wish they could run. I went to see Scott and his campaign one Saturday and I was impressed.

  4. Mike N. Says:

    I like this strategy. Use the Republican label to get votes and recognition… and hopefully elected. If I were to get elected with this strategy I would switch party affiliations immediately upon entering office to Libertarian.

    Yes, I know I wouldn’t get re-elected. But it would be soo much fun!

  5. mmachine Says:

    I get annoyed when third party candidates give in and switch. I’d rather see a Libertarian win by himself than a “libertarian Republican”, which I could care less about.

  6. Chris Bennett Says:

    There were many reasons why Scott bolted. LPI at that time was very disfunctional and offered very little support. Ballot access in Illinois for a third party candidate is ridiculous! One has to get oveer 5 times the signature the major parties need to get. So befiore you ridicule those who switch understand the reasons why they switch!

  7. Chris S. Says:

    I’ve been a member of the LPI for a number of years, and I’m seeing some good progress being made in the last 6 months or so. I hope that Scott might come back to the LPI and help build it into a lasting party. He doesn’t need to even run for office, he could focus his resources on building the party.

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