Today’s Candidate: Xander Patterson

TUESDAY —March 28th, 2006

Today’s candidate of the day is Xander Patterson for County Commission.

Patterson is the Green Party’s candidate for Multnomah County Commission, District 2 in Oregon.

This is the kind of third party candidate that I really like. In 2000, Patterson was narrowly elected to the county’s Soil and Water Conservation Board with 64,410 votes or 51% of the total. Three years later he finished 3rd out of 12 candidates for five seats on the proposed Public Utilities District Board. Although he was elected to this office, in that same election the public rejected the creation of the PUD… and thus Patterson never took office. In 2004 he ran for re-election to his seat on the Soil and Water Board and won with 96% of the vote over write-in opposition.

He owns Praxis Consulting, a financial and management consulting business. From 1999 to 2001 he was co-chair of that state Green Party. He’s also authored a newspaper column in the Portland Oregonian.

His resume also includes an impressive amount of local community involvement…

He has worked and volunteered at organizations such as Sunflower Recycling Co-op, KBOO Community Radio, People’s Food Co-op, SCRAP, The Sierra Club, The Oregon Environmental Council, The Pacific Green Party, Portland Farmers Market, and Oregon’s Future Magazine.

The website:

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