Today’s Candidate: Jim Lundeen

MONDAY —March 27th, 2006

Today’s candidate of the day is Jim Lundeen for Governor.

Lundeen is running as an independent for Governor of Ohio, claiming to represent the “Moderate Majority” as his campaign slogan. He is a physician and founder of a statewide medical practice with 14 offices around Ohio.

He’s also working on treating irritable bowel syndrome…

Lundeen currently has U.S. patents pending for treatment of unmet medical needs including control of irritable bowel syndrome in men and women as well as incontinence of bowel and/or bladder.

The website:

5 Responses to “Today’s Candidate: Jim Lundeen”

  1. ABAsite Says:

    Thank you! :)

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Too perfect! Is his mascot a great big bottle of Malox?

  3. undercover_ararchist Says:

    On first glance, a candidate with some credibility.

    On second glance, just another kook… Less kooky than most, I guess.

  4. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Ah, we understand now! Not only is the good doctor standing in a field of corn, but also in a crop circle?

  5. Constitution Party Whack Job Here Says:

    This guy might as well call himself a democrat- luke warm stance on abortion, and gun rights while downright very leftist stance on family values.
    This guy gives me Irritable Bowel Syndrome when I review his platform. Maybe he should just not waste his time and remain an expert on IBS.
    Cornjulio also looks like he doesnt know what he is holding in his hand in rural corn field. Dont you just hate it when these politicians try to relate and they end up looking like idiots.

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