Strayhorn Files Suit

This item comes from News 8 in Austin, Texas…

Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn filed a federal lawsuit in Austin on Friday over how signatures are counted in her independent bid for governor.

The suit challenges a plan by Secretary of State Roger Williams to manually examine the petition signatures needed to get on the November ballot. Strayhorn’s election campaign said Williams is purposely dragging his feet in the approval process.

Under state law, an independent candidate must collect 45,540 signatures to be put on the ballot. Those signatures can be verified by a random sample. Instead, the Secretary of State has insisted his office check each signature separately.

Strayhorn’s camp said this will delay her campaign and the time she has to raise funds as a legitimate candidate.

“We don’t want special treatment, we want fair treatment, and what is he afraid of? What is Rick Perry afraid of? We think they’re afraid of Carole Keeton Strayhorn getting on the ballot because they know when she’s on the ballot he’s going to lose the office of governor,” campaign worker Mark Sanders said.

Williams’ office has responded to the lawsuit, insisting it will not grant special treatment. Secretary of State spokesman Scott Haywood said verifying every signature is the surest way to protect the integrity of elections.

Haywood said with multiple independent candidates vying for a spot on the ballot, “verifying every signature is the surest way to protect the integrity of our elections and confirm the validity of a candidate’s name on the ballot.”

Strayhorn wants a statistical sampling method, or looking at only a portion of the signatures.

Strayhorn is challenging Gov. Rick Perry, who appointed Williams. All three are Republican.

Perry spokesman Robert Black calls Williams “an outstanding public servant’’ who won’t give preferential treatment to anyone.

Strayhorn’s team hopes to hear their case before the judge next week.

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    Good luck to her on this, even if I want Friedman to destroy her.

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