Today’s Candidate: Atlee Yarrow

THURSDAY —March 23rd, 2006

Today’s candidate of the day is Atlee Yarrow for Governor of Florida.

Yarrow, a Jacksonville resident, is running as the Socialist Party candidate. He is also the state party’s Secretary and has worked in the printing, service, and construction industries over the years.

The website:

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  1. undercover_ararchist Says:

    The SPUSA is a major joke. I just saw that Walt Brown raised less than $3,000 for his presidential bid. He made a fool out of himself in the one debate I saw him in. The socialist perspective is needed in public discourse, but these guys do not do it justice.

  2. Atlee Yarrow Says:

    I just happen to have been doing a search when I ran across this post.

    I have heard many time the word “joke” used when referring to the SPUSA yet not one post as to why. I guess only people who an opinion and not a fact have something to say and we at of the left political groups only read the negated perspective. The left does have something to worry about, the extreme right-wing.

    One fact to point to this issue was my profile on wikipedia. While it was nothing fancy and some considered it also to be a “joke” it was deleted from the history not to be replaced. Then I took another look around and noticed a growing trend. Nationalism has grown and history is repeating itself. Only those who can afford computers and service spend any time in the information age. The poor have next to zero word and limited time at public stations in libraries. While my fair and equal stance was placed out for all to read, it was deleted. Now ask yourself why have nazi websites grown promoting hate and divide. Even at wikipedia Bill White’s nazi page grows and a U.S. government turns closer towards total corporatism. Ask yourself, “Do I want my boss [government] in my personal life and home?”

    The “joke” will be on those who vote for a sell-out democrat and wonder why things only change for the elite few on top and give lip service to those who voted them into office. Keep in mind that so far in Florida only the rich can afford the near $8,100 fee to even get on the ballot. I have not reached this amount as of yet. My failure to make the ballot by the deadline will be a direct failure on the part of the left as a whole and only them to blame by there so lack of in action.

  3. Atlee Yarrow Says:

    Today is the deadline for candidates in Florida to be “Qualified” and a great number in fact have done so. I am one who met this but I am now considered WRI, write-in.

    For those who care to understand the major factor involved in not being SPF listed, the bottom line when, the state came around to their final dollar figure being $7,743.60. No where near what a FREE or FAIR election is all about. If anyone wants proof in the reading just visit the Florida Division of Elections website to query each candidate’s “Campaign Finance Activity” file at no charge. While the limit per person is $500 please note the same address for one company and person, I read one address given ten times for a total of $5,000 by a developer in Ft. Lauderdale… I ask, “Where are ethics?”

    While the law allows this, I have to think the back to the last company I knew of that was like a democracy. I cannot think of one, can you the reader tell us if there is one? Now I also have to consider that a company has no soul, cannot think for itself, and has only the ethics of one person or an invested few… again I have to question the ethics in what a company does to society and not for society based on records I note the bigger they get the less they care for the people. This is why I support American small business and its freedoms which are not seen at big box stores.

    I only hope I made you made enough to think,

  4. Clarissa Says:

    Atlee, I am so thankful that you are running. I am currently having a serious problem with voting on November 7th. I am scheduled to take my real estate exam on that day 200 miles away. I am strongly considering that I will have to drive home to Gainesville, FL and then back to Tampa, just to make sure my vote is counted. I’ve heard that absentee ballots do not count unless there is a matter of run-off. I have ordered some shirts off of that say Atlee Yarrow for Governor, 2006 as well as a dog t-shirt, because I visit the dog park up to 7 times a week. I am strongly interested in helping your campaign.

  5. Atlee Yarrow Says:

    I know all is said and done. The fact is I never had enough money as the average working person never does so I could not pay the $7,800 ballot fee and at the cost of $0.10 a signature is would not have been any cheaper. The Reform Party candidate had millions and had to sue in court and collect signature to even make one TV debate. This shows the total control factor we are under. Sadly my growth within the Socialist Party has also made enemies from on high. Since my belief in ending hate and creating equality came from faith I am renewing myself in a new Party after both Hugo Chavez and Tony Blair which in the past American history did many great things to help women gain the 19th Amendment in 1919 and which has reached new highs and lows both in Europe and South America, please welcome and help create the renewed Christian Socialist Party of the United States of America. In the U.K. it is more commonly known as CSM, Christian Socialist Movement and works with the Labour Party. In South America it is part of the new Unity Socialist Party with Hugo Chavez. Together we can help each other gain even new ground and balance the scales where the Right-wing feels it has a safety net and never did.

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