Tim Penny Reopens Campaign Account

Tim Penny re-established his campaign account this week, but he’s not making another run for governor or anything else right now. The Grand Forks Herald has the story:

Tim Penny, the former Democratic congressman turned Independence Party candidate for governor, won’t be staging a political comeback this year.

Penny re-established his gubernatorial campaign committee this week, leaving some to wonder if he was taking a second run at the office. But Penny explained Wednesday that it was strictly an accounting matter.

A vendor Penny used in his 2002 campaign owed him nearly $67,000 because he didn’t get all of the advertising air time he had coming.

Penny closed his gubernatorial committee in 2005, donating $5,000 of his leftover money to the Independence Party’s candidate this year, Peter Hutchinson.

Hutchinson might be the benefactor of Penny’s ad misfortune.

“My intent is to clear (the account) out as quickly as possible and close it out again,” Penny said.

Under state law, Hutchinson can get up to $20,000 this year from his party or other IP candidates, according to campaign finance regulator Jeanne Olson.

Penny said his party can also expect a cut. “Either way it will do some good in this election cycle,” he said.

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  1. Mike Grimes Says:

    Now the big question is why are we only finding this out now, and why didn’t he get the air time he paid for? Are there other vendors out there pulling this scam, to benifit one candidate over another?

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