Update from the MN Independence Party

Mike Grimes of the Minnesota Independence Party was nice enough to share this update on the arrangements for the MNIP’s June state convention…

Typically the Independence Party convention has attendence of between 70 in a non state wide election year, and 200-300 in statewide election years.

This year we have booked a Midway Stadium (a minor league baseball stadium with upto 6,000 seats) the afternoon of June 24. The basic expectation is the delegate count wont skyrocket but hundereds of guest will attend, after the convention we are holding a fundraiser that includes a tailgate party and the ball game, if the fundraising effort is succesful the total budget will be around $55,000, with the most basic even coming in at around $20,000. To put that in perspective we spent less then $500 on our convention last year.

The basic goal of the event is to really push Peter Hutchinon’s campaign for governor by showing that once again he can draw a very big crowd as he did in January when he kicked off his campaign with over 1000 in attendence.

Mike Grimes, Special Events Chair
Minnesota Independence Party

2 Responses to “Update from the MN Independence Party”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    This include ‘celebriety’ baseball?

    Jesse Ventura?????

    Indendent Gov Candidate Kinky Friedman (TX)????

    Indendent Gov Candidate Strayhorn (Texas)????

    John B. Anderson, 1980 Prez Candidate????

  2. Mike Grimes Says:

    Do we really want to see a bunch of 60 year olds play baseball? I’d love to see some of those sorts of people there but I think we need to leave the baseball to those under 40.

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