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Keating Wins Green Nomination

The closely contested race for the Green Party gubernatorial nomination in Oregon has been resolved...

Environmental activist Joe Keating won the Pacific Green Party’s gubernatorial nomination today, marking the end of a down-to-the-wire race whose outcome hinged on a handful of provisional ballots. The week long wait to determine the winner followed a convention held in Corvallis on March 11. At that time, Ed Winslow, a pioneer in the socially responsible investing field, held a one vote lead over Keating.

“We had two great candidates which made for a close race,” said Matt Donohue, an elected Corvallis School Board member who serves on the Pacific Green Party Elections Committee. “Now we get to bring our issues to the public—protecting the environment, providing health care for all Oregonians and implementing meaningful campaign finance reform.”

Keating wound up winning by two votes. Had one Keating supporter voted for Winslow instead, the race would have been tied. “This proves that every vote counts and one vote really can make a difference,” said Donohue.

The party also announced that the convention had voted overwhelmingly to oppose the Top Two primary initiative proposed by former Secretaries of State Phil Keisling and Norma Paulus. “The so-called ‘Open Primary’ initiative would result in a closed general election where two—and only two—candidates would be on the ballot. That’s unfair, anti-democratic and un-American. Democracy is about choices and limiting our political choices restricts our freedom. When Oregonians learn about the downsides of this misguided proposal, they’ll defeat it as surely as California voters did in 2004,” said Blair Bobier, a founder of the party and the Programs Director of the Civics Education League.

For more information, visit the Keating campaign’s web site at and the Pacific Green Party site,

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