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Badnarik Campaign Manager Responds

Allen Hacker, Michael Badnarik’s campaign manager in his Texas Congressional race, has responded to those who have expressed some concern over the fact that the campaign has spent virtually all of the money that is has raised to date.

When I have a chance in the next week or so I hope to do an interview with Mr. Hacker for this site. Until then, it seems only fair to post this as a way to give the Badnarik campaign some space on here to respond to some of the issues that have recently come up.

The following is the text of Mr. Hacker’s post on the campaign’s official blog:

How to Build a Skyscraper

First you dig a really deep hole…

…all the way to bedrock. Then you dig some more, and finally, you start your foundation. Note that you had to do a lot of work before you could even start proactively building something.

We’ve built a solid base. We’ve raised more than and spent less than $150K, and we’re ready to cement the foundation. That will happen the 25th when we win the District 10 nomination and can finally start to do the things a formal candidate does. That’s right, In Texas you can’t act like a candidate for office until you are one. We’ve only been a candidate for nomination through now, so we’ve been limited.

Yes, we do intend to raise substantially more than a million, and win this race. We’ve spent so far only about a tenth of that, maybe less. Sure, this takes faith and imagination. We have it, we hope you do too.

What does that foundation look like so far?

Six people working full-time backed up by 5 behind-the-scenes researchers. A fully-equipped office serving as a base from which we swarm out several times a day and talk to people, grab something to eat and keep on going. A mountain of data against which the opposition won’t be able to stand.

FEC reports don’t include “the human side”. All the fiscal analysis in the world won’t tell you how many hours are spent out in the precincts.

We did a listening tour in February. Can’t see all those hours in the FEC report. Starting Monday, and bolstered by radio ads, we’ll do the Feedback Tour. We’ll be out there touching and lighting fires for 4 solid days. Of course, you won’t see those hours or their results in the next report, either.

So please, my friends, let’s not let some nasty innuendo from inexperienced young people who don’t have any business experience mislead you into their thinking that we must do this from a revival tent eating hamburger-helper. They have no idea what it takes, and that’s just the limitation of youth.

They’re not bad guys by nature, but the destructiveness of what they do when they go off half-cocked is real just the same.

And please, let’s be fair both ways. Don’t just lecture me on manners without holding those guys to the same standard. They want to claim they’re doing analysis? Make them do a complete job. They want to say they’re just asking questions? Jump on them for us when they write snide remarks, innuendo and outright accusations instead. Then I won’t have to! (Thanks!)

And don’t let yourselves get jarred into letting them transfer old accusations from one group to another. That’s not analysis at all, that’s just mindless reactivity.

We all need to do better than that. I’m working on it. I hope you are too.

2 Responses to “Badnarik Campaign Manager Responds”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    The facts are the facts are the facts. (At least in my review of the reciepts!)

    Near the world’s worst veterans home, John Coffey and Paul Snyder and Don Lake have done hundreds of hours of volunteer work for the Barstow Library. The official rationale is to sell old and donated books and turn around and buy new, trendy stuff, especially non academic fiction.

    Every year the same group spent money on an appreciation dinner for the Friends of the Library volunteers. Having criticized the Veterans Home on similar counter productive Public Relations shams, year after year we suggest that the Appreciation (Let’s Pat Our Selves on the Back) Dinner be cancelled and the dollars plowed right back into the book fund!

    I mean really, what’s wrong with the picture that has been produced by this group’s own FEC report? You are not able to dispute your own nickels and dimes, so you click your heels three times and hope the stink of couner productive mismanagement and waste ful spending waffs off into the distant horizon.

    Libertarians, of all people, know that when it is your own money, your ‘Favorite French Reastruant’ is ‘Jacque In Ze Box’ or ‘Le Golden Arches’ not some place with vallet parking and no prices on the menu.

  2. Trevor Southerland Says:

    Outback has vallet parking?

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