Tight Race for Pacific Green Nomination

The Green Party was to have selected a candidate for Governor of Oregon at their state convention last week. However, the race was a little closer than expected and has now gone into overtime.

The official press release follows:

Ed Winslow, who founded the nation’s first socially responsible investing firm, held a narrow lead over environmental activist Joe Keating in the race for the Pacific Green Party’s gubernatorial nomination, following a convention held in Corvallis on Saturday. One vote separated the candidates in a contest whose outcome may be determined by six provisional ballots.

Six convention attendees cast provisional ballots because their party registration could not be immediately verified. Party officials will contact county clerks on Monday to determine if the voters were registered party members. If so, their votes will be counted. The final results of the election will be announced by the party as soon as they are available and will be posted at the party’s www.pacificgreens.org website.

“Our party has a lot to be proud of. We have two great gubernatorial candidates who have run very positive, issue-oriented campaigns and have been incredibly civil towards one another. Whoever ultimately wins the nomination will profoundly affect the way we do politics in Oregon,” said Blair Bobier, the party’s 1998 gubernatorial nominee.

In addition to Keating and Winslow, convention goers could also vote for “none of the above.” The election was conducted using instant runoff voting. Instant runoff voting, or IRV, was used this past week to elect the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and is one of the many election reforms advocated by the Pacific Green Party.

The Convention also voted to support a plan to establish universal health care in Oregon as well as a ballot initiative establishing health care as a fundamental right.

For more information visit the candidates’ web sites at www.keatingforgovernor.org and www.edwinslow.com or the Pacific Green Party site, www.pacificgreens.org.

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