Mihos Polling Strong in MA

Businessman Christy Mihos, an independent candidate for Massachusetts governor, appears to be polling in the high-teens according to these numbers from Politics1.com...

Two new independent polls show the Democrats well-positioned to win the open gubernatorial contest. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows Attorney General Tom Reilly (D) leading Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey® by a 38% to 27% vote, with wealthy businessman Christy Mihos (Independent) at 19%. If former USDOJ official Deval Patrick is the Dem nominee, Patrick leads with 38%, followed by Healey at 25% and Mihos at 17%. These numbers largely match those from a new Boston Globe/UNH poll showed Reilly at 40%, Healey at 26% and Mihos at 15%. The other trio: Patrick-36%, Healey-29%, Mihos-13%. The Globe poll also showed Reilly leading Patrick for the Democratic nomination by a 35% to 22% vote, with wealthy venture capitalist Chris Gabrielli at 4%. Gabrielli, the ‘02 Lt Gov nominee, has not yet decided whether or not he’ll enter the primary race.

This year seems like it could be shaping up as the year of the independents with strong indy candidates for governor in Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, Alaska, Texas (2), and Minnesota… and I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two races here.

Perhaps this is a sign of what’s to come in 2008, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Alan Greenspan correctly predicted the future.

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  1. Freelancer Says:

    Hey, Austin. Do you think any of these guys are the possible presidential candidates that Greenspan predicted?

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