An Update on Tim’s Condition

From Liberty For Sale comes a letter from Tim and an update on his condition following surgery on Friday…

Tim Wrote this from his hospital bed on March 9th, 2006, the day before his surgery:

I just wanted to write a quick word to everyone, both to say thank you and to keep advocating for the things I believe in. First, the thank-yous…first and foremost to the love of my life, Gloria, followed by my father Emory and my brother Ted. I am sorry that you`ve had to go through this with me, but I`m so grateful for the love and care all of you have shown. I`m also thankful Steve is still posting on Liberty For Sale.

It occurs to me that I should be proud of what I`ve done at Liberty For Sale, but everything on the internet is both real and unreal so whatever lasting value there is out of my assembled body of work remains to be seen. I do think the LP is a different party today than it was in 2004, and I think it`s a better one. The job ahead of this party is important, and without that job being done, all of us, principled Libertatians or not, are going to wind up in a vastly different country much inferior to our foreyears. The trend is always for less personal freedom and more government control ALWAYS and only by real engagement in the true political process can we ever hope to reverse this trend. To those of you who share in the LP and fight for what you believe, the party has very real work to do. It is no longer good enough to simply stand for the “right things”. POLITICAL PARTIES do so much more, and the LP has to start doing those things. There`s no other way back to the much freer America that existed even when I was a boy in the 1970`s.

I guess I should return to myself for a minute. As of now, I am scheduled to undergo brain surgery on Friday at noon. I think the general prognosis is decent based on everything I know now, but of course that may not turn out to be the case. Medical science is not exact. I don`t feel any fear for myself, but I do feel considerable regret that I probably haven`t used all the life I was given. In some ways I tended to go for the easy instead of the rewarding. If I get a second chance, that will change.

I love Gloria, my dad, and my brother very much. Choose LOVE when it is presented to you and don`t let fear base your decisions in life.

Love, Timothy West

Tim`s surgery went well, according to his surgeon. However, they were not able to remove all of the tumor for fear of causing any kind of permanent damage. They did get most of it, and it will probably require some radiation and/or chemo to shrink the rest of it. After surgery, Tim could move his hands and legs and talk just fine, so everyone was thrilled about that. When I visited him yesterday, however, he was in a considerable amount of pain due to some post-operative swelling that had set in; he was also having some trouble feeling in his left hand and arm. I understand this should be only temporary until the swelling goes down. We won`t know until next week whether or not the tumor actually was cancerous, but we`re hoping and praying for the best.


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