State Senator to Create New Party?

An interesting item from Ballot Access News:

Illinois State Senator James Meeks, a Democrat from Chicago, is threatening to organize a new party this year and to be its candidate for Governor. He is angry with the incumbent Democratic Governor, Rod Blagojevich, for promising not to raise sales or income taxes. Although Meeks is a Democrat, he was elected to the State Senate in 2002 as the nominee of the “Honesty and Integrity Party”. Meeks cannot be an independent candidate for Governor this year because the deadline has already passed, although that deadline is under legal attack in a case filed in 2004, now pending in the 7th circuit.

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  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Help stamp out ignorance!
    Is Illinios HIP allied with NYS (Loooong Island) hot new movement, Integrity Party????
    [email protected] and 619.420.0209

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    21st Century Peace Symbol and other Public Relations

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home:

    Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 17:30:42

    To: [email protected] San Diego Calif
    To: Veterans Party

    Endorsements and Linkages…....

    Emblems are important in the life and times of groups. They are stable yet evolving expressions
    of the inter play of group and personal identity.

    The Peace Symbol is an excellent example of changing but connected ichronography. It started
    in Great Britain in the mid 1950s as the combination of N(euclear) and D(isarmament) in Naval
    Flag semaphore. When the sticks stayed but the flags disappeared after 1960, a rumor circulated
    that it now symbolized the ‘up side down cross’ upon which Saint Peter was executed in Rome in
    the First Century.

    With Viet Nam bombing runs by B-52s, the ‘cross’ sprouted wings and jet engines! Citizens For
    A Better Veterans Home, noticing the fossil energy component of recent conflicts suggest the

    Round or Oval, convert the four branches (or the wings and forward and rear fuselage of the
    jet bomber) into the three ‘fan’ blades and tower of a wind generated electric power mill. Just a

    Other cooperation between and among smaller groups and parties? Well veterans/ veterans
    group(s) endorsement(s)
    must count for some thing. California Democrats
    have made an industry in throwing out fake
    endorsements at the very last minute, before the
    opposition can respond (AKA: “October Surprise”)! Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, a
    non traditional ad hoc ELIGIBLE veterans group with no charter, IRS, or Congressional
    prohibitions on endorsing individual parties or candidates, is revisited by dozens of past endorsees
    every election cycle.

    * fake groups, or ineligible national groups
    (such as VFW, American Legion, AmVets, Purple Heart….)

    Let’s say your personal endorsement or a smaller
    party’s nod did not bring in one extra vote to a political ally.

    Why even bother?

    Networking (and profiling). Others have linked up
    with you, especially in mutual endorsements and
    maybe in a couple of years from now, you bump
    into each other and recognize the other as an
    ally! Maybe you can pass on formal information and
    even gossip!

    Profiling: Google Donald R. Lake and or Citizens.
    Dozens and dozens (HUNDREDS!) of endorsements and
    forum blogs. Better yet, guest book hits, (you
    usually do not have to register with a nick name
    and password like message boards…...)

    Our enemies are scared spit less at our ‘one man
    band’! Snyder, Coffey and Lake visit a vets home
    and a couple of uniformed guards appear from no
    where. We try to speak (Ralph M. Brown Act) and
    they (illegally) suspend free speech for the
    entire meeting.

    At heart, politics is public relations. I have
    been shouting for a decade that the Libs need to
    grab the Fort Mourtier (Charleston, South
    Carolina, 1775 victory) Flag. FREE Historical
    Public Domain, with crescent moon and
    L-I-B-E-R-T-Y in block letters against a dark sky

    Felony stupid is not against the law, but for
    cash starved, minor (micro?) political
    parties—-it ought to be! For example, Reform
    Party USA, VETSparty, and Constitution Party all
    have the Eagle/ Eagle Head. Ho boy, nothing like
    ‘standing out’ from the crowd by blending in with
    every one else. Yes sir ree bob…...

    And here it is the Centennial of Teddy Roosevelt’s
    First President to get the Nobel Prize while in
    office (for the treaty ending the Russian
    Japanese War prior to WWI)! And TR is the only
    Chief Executive to win the Congressional Medal of
    Honor (for the march up San Juan hill in Cuba)!
    And TR is the only 20th Century figure on Mount
    Rushmore. Talk exists of a TR and Bull Moose
    Nickel replacing Thomas Jefferson/ American Bison
    Five Cent Piece, or TR dime replacing six decades
    of the FDR dime! Duh!

    (All this stuff is covered in Middle School, High
    School, and under graduate course work in civics,
    history and politics! Free paid propagandists via
    public school teachers. In California, add TR
    vice president running mate Progressive GOP
    Governor Hiram Walker via the Direct Democracy
    movement (like the Propositions, Initiatives, and
    Recall that unseated Governor Gray Davis in
    2003). Free Public Domain and Historical Icons!
    Did I mention, Free!)

    Money! Sell one million Bull Moose Plush Toys,
    one million Theodore (Roosevelt) Bear Plush Toys,
    one million Mount Rushmore Picture frames with
    heads of all but TR punched out and HEROES OF THE
    VETERANS PARTY lable on the matting and one
    million various miscellaneous TR, Teddy Bear,
    and Bull Moose stuff and at only a (ridicules!)
    dollar profit per item, has
    $4,000,000.00 of party building per annum.

    Oh, I’m sorry! You guys in the impressive fifteen ballot accesses of the VETS party are just
    swimming in
    dough. (.....and allies!) Sorry to have bothered
    you. Especially if the Greens, reformers, or even
    Constitutionalists get there first.

    “We told ya so…....”

    - 3 0 -
    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, not just more lethal, politicized, uncaring programs that
    create hack patronage jobs, spend taxes in constituent communities, while doing little or nothing
    for real veterans, their real families, and their real problems…...

  3. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    INDEPENDENCE PARTY of New York State

    New York’s Third-Largest Party! [logo]

    Independence Party Does Not Support Donald Trump

    The Draft Trump for President campaign is a personal project of Frank MacKay, not an initiative of the Independence Party, which, contrary to published reports, has not endorsed any potential candidate.

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home (founded in May 1998 in Barstow Calfiornia) has endorsed a Donald (You’re Fired) Trump/ Lou (CNN) Dobbs ticket since mid November 2004! AND THERE IS NO SITTING VICE PRESIDENT OR PRESIDENT IN 2008…....

  4. Otto Kerner Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that Meeks isn’t really starting a third party here, he’s just trying to get around the ballot access laws that make it harder to run as an independent. Illinois has a tradition of these single-person parties for local politics going back to the old days of cumulative voting, when there was a gentleman’s agreement that no one party (Ds or Rs) would try for all three seats in a district.

    However, it’s worth noting that, if Meeks did particularly well in the election by getting over 5% of the vote, his party would become automatically qualified for every partisan election in the state. This is what happened in 1986 with the “Solidarity Party”, which was originally a temporary vehicle for mainstream, anti-LaRouche Democrats … when the Democrats went back to their own party, the Solidarity Party ballot access got taken over by the New Alliance Party.

  5. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    We agree with every little thing that Otto Kerner said. In the bigger picture, we think that our comments (and his) indicate that politics (Mrs. Johnson’s third grade room captain or P2008) is still at it’s root, a popularity contest.

    Celebriety counts, Teddy Roosevelt, Boss Ross Perot, Schwarzenegger!
    Roundly criticized by both Greens (1996 and 2000) and reformers (ARP 2000 and Reform Party USA 2004), Ralph Nader proved that stupid staff and dumb campaign decisions could not over come the mythical hallo of being a Consumer Rights Icon!

    The ebb and flow of cultural evolution surely includes politics. For smaller parties we jump up and down while pointing to the ‘friendly’ (Yeah, Right, Sure) fussion of the rather conservative (what ever that word means) and fractured (Northern rural folks and all whites south of the Mason - Dixon) once Jeffersonian, once Andrew Jackson Democratic Party.

    With as much possibility as the Bull Moose Party (1912), John B. Anderson (1980), and Perot I (1992), the 1870s and 1880s brought the Grange Movement and other rural Anti Rail Road Robber Baron types to a point where the Populists formally coalested in 1892! Following the lead of Anti Corporate Trusts advocates, rural Southern Dems and rural Northern Dems ‘allied’ with these new party types by the turn of the new century.

    And then, the Populists disappared within the national Democratic Party during the ‘Gilded Age’. With wars and Empire Building and assacinations around the globe, attention was diverted from the Heart land and American Farm problems. Like like Bull Moose Progressives and Muckracking Journalist and urban Progressives during the 20th Century and World War I, viable third parties struck terror into the duopuly Establishment and then quietly faded away.

    [email protected]
    263 Eucalyptus Court
    Chula Vista, CAlifornia

  6. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Minor/Macro Party Memorabilia

    Mr Suffolk
    Leg., 19th Dist.
    (3/13/06 1:14 pm)
    Reply Canadian Collector Seeks Minor Party Business Cards Help this guy out with his business card collection. If you have some cards from the various parties, send them his way.

    He writes:

    Would you please send to me if possible one of your parties business
    cards for my collection.
    One with either the parties name or logo on the card
    I have a hobby of collecting business cards from all political parties
    Thank You

    Gary Morris
    1 heidrew Place
    everett Ontario
    Canada LOM1JO

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