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Today’s Candidate: Sander Hicks


Today’s candidate of the day is Sander Hicks for….. something.

Hicks is running as a Green Party candidate for State Senate in New York… or possibly Governor? His website says he’s running for Senate, but the GP’s site says he’s running for Governor. Beats me.

Either way, I don’t have much to say about this candidate at the moment except that his website suggests he will be running a somewhat interesting and non-conventional campaign… for some elected office in New York.

The website:
or possibly…

2 Responses to “Today’s Candidate: Sander Hicks”

  1. green in brooklyn Says:

    Well, he did have a press announcement for Governor a few weeks back, but since several others have stepped forward to run for Governor, among them writer/actor Malachi McCourt (brother of Frank) and Alice Green, who garnered 25% of the vote in her run for Mayor of Albany in 2005.

    Greens in New York are furious at Hillary, but need 50,000 votes in the Governor’s race to get their ballot status back, so we need a strong candidate in each race.

  2. undercover_ararchist Says:

    This guy’s wife’s music is pretty cool.

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