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Michael Cavlan, a Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Minnesota has called for an investigation into the plane crash that killed Senator Paul Wellstone. He believes the government was possibly involved both in murdering Wellstone and orchestrating the September 11th attacks.

Badnarik campaign manager Allen Hacker has instituted some new rules for posting comments on that campaign’s blog. If I had to take a guess, I would say this thread in particular probably had a lot to do with the new policy.

If you’d like to see a trailer for Aaron Russo’s new movie “America: From Freedom to Fascism” it is available on the film’s official website.

4 Responses to “A Few Random Items…”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    Allen Hacker is a complete asshole and has totally turned me off from further supporting Badnarik at all. He ranks up there with Wes Benedict - the jerk that does nothing but hinder the progress of the Texas LP.

    The Badnarik campaign has managed to flush $100k down the drain before the campaign has even begun. Then they constantly send you annoying contribution letters attempting to make you feel bad if you aren’t one of the top donors to their “secret” plan. My household income is around $200k, so it is not that I can’t give them any more money… it is that I refuse.

  2. undercover_ararchist Says:

    Hacker is a hack, and Badnarik should be embarassed. For one, the points made by the angry donor are totally valid. For two, the Badnarik campaign should not have a blog where people can make posts anyway—it’s too easy for opponents to smear—and if the campaign insists on having a blog, then it should readily accept the criticism.

    Most of all, Hacker showed the Badnarik campaign to be a fifth-rate organization when he dignified the donor’s comments, and even trudged into the mud with him and got dirty. NO CLASS. Badnarik deserves the sub 5% of the vote he’s sure to receive if he keeps rubes like this guy on his staff.

  3. jchristophm Says:

    I was extremely put off by Hacker’s response to me. I wasn’t dictating how the campaign should be run. I wasn’t demanding to know their “secret plan”. But I gave generously to the presidential campaign, so they send me letters and call me constantly.

    I don’t mind the solicitation, and I can easily be persuaded to give MUCH more than I have to the campaign. But I don’t believe in throwing money away. Instead of simply alluding to some super-awsome, secret plan that guarantees the win, I want to see some results. Is this unreasonable?

    Jon Airheart’s responce was right on target. Basically “stay tuned, because we’re about to show you what we’ve got!” Jon made me feel like he understood my concern, explained why the democrats have been getting their “buzz”, and asked me to stay tuned because after the nomination they plan on ramping things up. Great professional response.

    Allen just pissed me off.

    I’m done contributing as long as he’s campaign manager. I have very little faith in him. I wish Mr. Badnarik luck, and I hope he wins, but I’m not putting my money on it.

  4. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Austin Cassidy’s
    by Duane P. Reeves (March 10, 2006)

    Dear Editor (Harry Martin of Napa Sentinel Weekly and City Council Man):

    I would like to respond to the letter written by Austin Cassidy, the “Golden Dollar” (Napa Sentinel, Mar. 3, 2006)

    First I must say Mr. Cassidy, your letter was very well written and states a very worthwhile idea
    about a President Ronald Reagan dollar. Your thoughts that a Reagan dollar would excite the
    public is cert­ainly true.

    You also stated in your letter that the Sacagawea dollar was a total failure and I totally agree and
    so was the Susan B. Anthony dol­lar a failure.

    Well Mr. Cassidy, perhaps your idea of a Reagan dollar is about to be­come a reality. On
    December 22, 2005, President George W. Bush signed in-to law the $1 Presidential Coin Act.

    The law authorizes new dollar coins featuring all 37 of the nation’s dead former chief executives.
    The first President dollar is scheduled to be issued in 2007.

    A president must be dead for over two years to be featured on the new coin. President Reagan
    will certainly qualify for a honored place on the new President dollar.

    The new series of President dollars will be issued in the same man­ner as the Statehood Quarters
    were issued, four coins each year.

    The new President dollar will be a golden color much like the Sacagawea dollar. The reverse of
    the coin will feature the Statue of Liberty.

    I feel, very strongly, this will be a new and exciting series of coins, if they are excepted by the
    public, as the Statehood Quarters have been, they will truly be a great success.

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