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Today’s Candidate: Bill Stant

WEDNESDAY —March 8th, 2006

Today’s candidate of the day is Bill Stant for Indiana Secretary of State.

Stant is running as the Green Party candidate . He’ll face Republican Todd Rokita and Libertarian Mike Kole this November.

While his political experience is very limited, he does have a pretty nice resume overall.

The website:

2 Responses to “Today’s Candidate: Bill Stant”

  1. George Phillies Says:

    Did you omit the Democrat, or are they appointing one at their convention?

  2. Mike Kole Says:

    George- The Dems will nominate at their convention. It’s rather a shame the rest of their candidates, and the Republicans, weren’t chosen this way. With the primaries, the taxpayers foot the bill. It should be hosted and paid for by the parties.

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