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Progressive Wins Burlington Mayoral Race

Big news tonight as Vermont Progressive Party state representative Bob Kiss was elected mayor of Burlington.


Progressive Bob Kiss was elected mayor of Burlington today, winning on the second ballot of the instant runoff under the city’s new election system.

Kiss, a state representative, won 39 percent of the vote on the first ballot, while Democrat Hinda Miller had 31 percent and Republican Kevin Curley won 26 percent.

Then Curley and two trailing independent candidates were dropped out of the count and their votes re-allocated according to voters’ second choices.

Kiss won on the second count, with 4,761 to Miller’s 3,966.

7 Responses to “Progressive Wins Burlington Mayoral Race”

  1. Maine Green Says:

    Ah music to my ears- IRV in action and allowing political alternatives to take seats! Sign maine up!

  2. A Voter in Vermont Says:

    Dems & progressives are actually the main parties in Burlington, whereas Republicans and other parties are in the minority…

  3. IndiPol Says:

    Interesting…Prog won 8pts above the Dem in the initial and IRV counts. Republicans split their support evenly in the IRV recounts. IRV…sweet.

  4. George Phillies Says:

    Kiss would have won on plurality, so this interesting third party news does not show IRV changing things.

  5. Devin Ray Freeman Says:

    What!? They just threw out all three other candidates in one crack?! A minor party stands NO chance under this system! Try Approval Voting.

  6. The FairVote Blog » IRV a success in Burlington, VT Says:

    [...] Third Party Watch [...]

  7. Halz Says:

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