Mihos to Run as Independent

As we’ve reported on in the past, wealthy entrepreneur Christy Mihos has been planning to run for governor of Massachusetts. The only question was if it would be as a Republican or an Independent. Well, we now know the answer.

From Politics1.com...

Not that Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey® wasn’t already in an uphill fight to succeed retiring Governor Mitt Romney® in November, but her odds got a bit worse this week. Multimillionaire businessman and former Romney Administration State Turnpike Authority Board Member Christy Mihos announced he was leaving the GOP and would instead enter the gubernatorial contest as an Independent. “Republicans basically just have become like the Democrats—just beholden to special interests,” said Mihos. As for issues, Mihos is pro-choice, pro-gay rights and pro-tax cuts. Within a day, five top Mihos staffers quit. One the departing staffers told the Boston Herald the move was due to the fact that Mihos “wasn’t willing to be managed”—and not because of bolting from the GOP. On the Democratic side, Attorney General Tom Reilly and former US Justice Department official Deval Patrick are running. Wealthy venture capitalist Chris Gabrieli is also making calls about entering the race.

2 Responses to “Mihos to Run as Independent”

  1. undercover_ararchist Says:

    Pro-choice, pro-gay rights, against the special interests that control the parties… Sounds like what the Republican Party should be if they stayed true to their founding principals.

  2. Lucian Says:

    This guy sounds a lot like a Libertarian. I wonder why he didn’t choose to run as one…I’m signed up to campaign for him regardless. Anyone’s better than the other candidates.

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