LP Reformer Tim West in Critical Condition

I wasn’t completely sure about reposting this, but I think it is news-worthy and important to let people know what is going on.

Terrible news from West Virginia, quoted from the comments page of the Liberty For Sale post regarding Harry Browne’s death:

I am posting this for Tim, although I`m really not sure he`d want me to or not. I am his fiancee, Gloria. I just wanted to let everyone know that Tim won`t be posting anything for awhile. Tonight we were on our way back home from a visit to the veterinarian`s office with one of our “fur babies”, as someone had recently called them , and we stopped at a local convenience store. Tim went in, and when he came out, he complained of numbness down his left side, so I quickly drove him to the nearby hospital. I`ll spare all the details, but to make a long story short, he has been flown via helicopter to Georgetown University Hospital and is in critical condition. All his local doctors could tell me here was that he had a seizure shortly after I brought him in and a cat scan showed some sort of mass on his brain. I will talk to his doctors again down there soon before I make the trip there, and I will keep everyone posted on his condition. I read his last post on here(no, I don`t do that often, or should I say often enough) about another Libertarian who recently passed away, and I find it very ironic that he posted it just hours before something so serious has happened to him. You regular readers might already know that Tim isn`t exactly the most religious guy around, so I`m not even gonna go there, but do know this: he DOES believe in a god, and no matter how cynical others may perceive him to be, he truly IS a good, sweet, and caring person and I am asking that anyone who cares about him at all PLEASE pray for his speedy recovery. Thanks, everyone, I`ll write more soon…..Gloria

In my dealings with Tim as I started Third Party Watch I found him to be an intelligent, warm, and thoughtful guy. His blog and work with the LP has been key toward moving the party away from being a debating society and more toward being an actual political entity. Agree or disagree on some issues, I’m sure we all wish him the speediest of recoveries.

My prayers are with Tim and his fiancee Gloria. I’ll post more if I learn anything new.

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  1. IndiPol Says:

    God speed to a quick recovery. Disagree or agree his perspective/opinion is appreciated and only helps to elevate constructive political discourse.

  2. Hammer of Truth » Tim West Hospitalized with Brain Mass Says:

    [...] As Austin Cassidy and Tim’s fiancee, Gloria, reported, LibertyForSale.com’s Tim West is hospitalized at Georgetown University Hospital. [...]

  3. Liberty for Sale » Blog Archive » Tim West Update Says:

    [...] As Austin Cassidy and Tim’s fiancee, Gloria, reported, LibertyForSale.com’s Tim West is hospitalized at Georgetown University Hospital. [...]

  4. NewFederalist Says:

    Any update on his condition?

  5. Sean Comery Says:

    I hope for the best; he’s a good and decent man. His work, like that of the late Harry Browne, is inspirational and marked by a fundamental civility that is too often lacking in our politics.

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