Today’s Candidate: Wilbur Wood


Today’s candidate of the day is Wilbur Wood for U.S. Congress.

Wood is running as a Libertarian candidate in Virginia’s 10th Congressional district. He’ll be facing off against Republican Congressman Frank Wolf who is seeking his 14th term this November.

Wood has a nice looking website, I’ll give him that.

The website:

5 Responses to “Today’s Candidate: Wilbur Wood”

  1. Bill Wood Says:


    Thank You for highlighting my Campaign website today. We should be hammering it into better shape by the end of the weekend. We will also be adding video in the near future.

    Thank you again,

    Bill Wood

  2. Timothy West Says:


    going to be at the meeting this Tuesday, if I can find the new place. :D

  3. joe average Says:

    ‘atta boy, Bill!

  4. Bill Wood Says:


    I’ll be great to see you again.


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