Libertarians Gain County-Level Officeholder

Great news for Libertarians courtesy of Ballot Access News:

On February 24, Paul Edward Trujillo, chair of the Valencia County Commission, changed his registration from “Democrat” to “Libertarian”. He is running for re-election this year and will run as a Libertarian.

The board is responsible for allocating the county’s $18 million annual budget, creating local laws and ordinances, and zoning issues in the unincorporated portions of the county.

4 Responses to “Libertarians Gain County-Level Officeholder”

  1. undercover_ararchist Says:

    The LP needs more people like this. I consider myself a left-libertarian, but the party is not welcoming of my type. The LP is gravitating further and further to the right, to the point where its candidates are often almost indistinguishable from the CP. I’m an anti-statist whose friends are all Democrats and liberals because we share the same values—they just haven’t figured out that the state is the ultimate tool of oppression.

  2. Stuart Richards Says:

    Thank you, Mr. Trujillo, for having enough faith in our party to support us!

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