Planet of the Veeps

Something interesting that I just noticed…

California’s gubernatorial race this year features not one, not two, but actually THREE different former Vice-Presidential candidates.

Peter Camejo, of course, was Ralph Nader’s running mate in 2004. Also, the Libertarian candidate Art Olivier was Harry Browne’s 2000 Vice-Presidential candidate. The third is Janice Jordan, the Peace and Freedom Party’s candidate for VP in 2004.

There are several other former Vice-Presidential candidates making runs for office this year. Pat LaMarche, David Cobb’s running mate on the 2004 Green ticket, is running for governor of Maine. Eric Chester is running for Congress in Massachusetts, he was the Socialist Party’s 1996 VP nominee.

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  1. George Phillies Says:


    2002, actually, not 2004.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Opps, I made typo… it was 2000.

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