Today’s Candidate: Jack Harrison


Today’s candidate of the day is Jack Harrison for California Attorney General.

Harrison is an attorney and a Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner. He’s running as the Peace and Freedom Party’s candidate in this state-wide race.

The likely Democratic nominee is Oakland mayor, former Governor, and former Presidential candidate Jerry Brown.

The website:

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  1. undercover_ararchist Says:

    Why the hell would you make that loser a candidate of the day?

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    The candidate of the day feature is just to highlight different candidates around the country in all different races… federal, state, and local. I’d not done a PFP candidate yet, so I decided to pick this one. At least he has some kind of experience… better than most of the other statewide third party candidates in that state. It’s by no means an endorsement of any candidate.

  3. NewFederalist Says:

    I really enjoy your candidate of the day pieces. Even though I may disagree with the vast majority of them I think you are doing a real public service to highlight the “other guys”. Keep up the good work!

  4. IndiPol Says:

    Candidate a Day piece is good. Thanks for declaring it and then keeping up with it.

  5. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Given the ‘Establishment’ slant of corporate owned press and electronic media, it is at least an attempt at leveling the Democan and Republicrats have tilted so unfairly. One thing I’d like to see concerning the Peace and Freedom Party is their Lazarus event in February 2006.

    While lots of P&F types slept through the crisis the Ahnold Schwartzen Faker attempt to literally murder the party, a knee jerk sponteneous response of Independents, some Democrats, Greens and Reform types. The P&F party site mentions so little on non Peace and Freedom types. We (Don Lake ran for California assembly a decade ago) save their butts while much of the party’s top levels were clueless, and they can not even say “thanks”. Oh, well, it WAS the right thing to do.

    February 5, 2006 (SUNDAY), By Josh Richman, STAFF WRITER
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    Article Launched: 02/04/2006 03:03:12 AM



    Besieged by third-party accusations that state law was misapplied, McPherson’s
    office said it stands by its interpretation of the Election Code section regarding when
    a party’s qualification should be reviewed but acknowledges that precedent supports
    the party’s claim to a ballot berth.

    “Secretary McPherson strongly favors greater ballot access for qualified parties;
    therefore, he has chosen to act upon the side of the historical precedent,”
    spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns said in an e-mail, adding that counties are being
    notified of the reversal. “In the future, we may seek legislation on the issue to help
    clarify the statute.”

    Oakland attorney Bob Evans, the party central committee’s recording secretary, said
    the party is “glad” McPherson reconsidered: “The past interpretation of the statute is
    the only reasonable one.”

    Evans credited Richard Winger, editor of the online newsletter Ballot Access News
    at, with providing McPherson historical information on
    the law’s application.

    McPherson’s report of registration in advance of June’s gubernatorial primary,
    released Monday, had said “the Peace and Freedom Party dropped below the
    required percentage of registered voters and is no longer a qualified party. That
    leaves six qualified parties eligible to nominate candidates in the upcoming
    primary.” The report showed the Peace and Freedom Party had 59,193 registrants
    statewide — about 0.4 percent of all registered voters.


    ——Donald Raymond Lake, Founder, Citizens For A Better Vets Home (1998), a reform minded citizen of San Diego County, “Collie Fornia”

    Read the following words carefully, as they will probably not see the light of day in
    the so-call mainstream media. A valiant knee jerk response by ‘Decline To State’
    Independents and smaller party types has saved a vital piece of democracy here in
    the Neo Nazi 21st Century. The current so-called reformist governor of California is
    a former Communist Red Star fascist military cadet from Austria. After defeating
    the other worst governor in state history, Arnold Schwarzenegger then became Gray
    Davis. (Ya never see both of them in the same room at the same time any more!)

    Arnold’s Secretary of State, acting like a corrupt opportunist from the Gray Davis
    Machine, tried to clobber a local four decade old institution of national significance.
    For a while it looked like the illegal Blitzkrieg of the Peace and Freedom Party was
    akin to the original Nazi’s containment of allied forces in Northern France many
    years ago. The Peace and Freedom Party, having been a piece of the cultural
    landscape in California politics since that other overseas military adventure in South
    East Asia, was endanger of unlawful disenfranchisement. This is despite of their
    federal senatorial candidate gathering over 2% of the 2004 vote.

    Like the small ships of England in 1940, the shadowy ‘irregular’ players of West
    Coast politics rushed in to save their comrades. Guided by legal details from San
    Francisco’s Richard Winger and his Ballot Access News, the lovers of true liberty,
    real justice, and fairness for every one flooded the politicians, main stream media,
    blogosphrere, and each other with righteous indignation and secular outrage.

    The bad folks folded like a battered card table. The Democans and the Republicrats
    are the enemies of the every day citizen and the average wage slave. Our allies, our
    Peace and Freedom cousins, can continue as to moan, groan, and gripe EN
    BOLLETTA about the mess that the Big Guys have conned the rest of us into.

    I do not see the Libs (like Winger) or Greens (like 2004 independent/ Nader running
    mate Peter Camejo) holding a fancy Press Conference (with free food and drink for
    the press?). Natural Law types and reform minded citizens are regaining their
    organizational footing.

    ‘Spontaneous’ out rage from the Establishment types are
    scheduled for Mondays and Tuesdays—-not the Weekend! Do not look for these
    words to appear any where but the alternative media. (Not with insider Ron (Son-
    Of- General- Collin-) Powell at the Federal Communications Commission!) - 3 0 -

  6. undercover_ararchist Says:

    I wasn’t commenting on his fitness as a candidate… His web site royally sucks. A more deserving candidate (i.e. one with more than a 1 page, ultra-unprofessional web site) would have been more deserving.

  7. Kevin Akin Says:

    Not Entirely Accurate.

    Just a few comments, in case anyone still looks at this. First, Jack Harrison now has a professional-quality website, not just the one-page short one, that is available through along with those of the other 2006 Peace and Freedom Party candidates. Please keep in mind that no one filed papers to run against Jack Harrison in the primary election, so his campaign doesn’t really get going until after June 6, when he can be sure who his opponents will be.

    And the comments of Don Lake (Citizens for a Better Veterans Home), who was not in fact in any way involved in the brief fight to save the Peace and Freedom Party’s ballot status, are very off-the-wall. The notion that Peace and Freedom activists sat back and let others save their ballot status is a myth Don invented. Actually, the Peace and Freedom Party’s elected state leaders were the ones who did it, with generous help from several Greens, Democrats, and Libertarians. Their help was sought by me in my capacity as State Chair, and their actions were coordinated with ours. As the law is actually fairly clear, we would have won anyway, but timely help (particularly from Richard Winger) saved us several days at least, and may have saved us the need to go to court. One Green activist was very helpful in organizing publicity for the press conference the Peace and Freedom Party organized, at which we were able to announce that Secretary of State McPherson had capitulated minutes before. Several reporters were also quite helpful, in calling the Secretary of State’s office and demanding to know the basis for his baseless decision.

    One State Senator, a Democrat on the Elections and Reapportionment Committee, had her staff research the question, and made it plain to McPherson that he was going to get grilled over this stupid effort if he persisted in it. This was particularly generous of her, as she is running for Secretary of State, and the defeat of McPherson’s effort guarantees that she will have an opponent from the Peace and Freedom Party if she wins the primary.

    The state leadership of the Peace and Freedom Party has an amazing depth of experience and knowledge, and it is always a mistake to underestimate them. I urge everyone who reads this to check out the website above, and review the sites of our various candidates. -Kevin Akin, State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party

  8. grattis kasinos Says:

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