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TPW Mentioned in Sunday’s Oregonian

Third Party Watch was briefly mentioned in this article in Sunday’s edition of The Oregonian, the largest newspaper in the Pacific Northwest with a circulation of roughly 430,000.

In Texas, for example, two independent candidates are running for governor, one of whom has raised close to $2 million so far. Independents are running for governor in several other states as well, including Alaska, Georgia and Minnesota.

“I would say that nationally, there has been a slight spike in credible independents running for governor,” says Austin Cassidy, who runs Third Party Watch (, a Web site based in Jacksonville, Fla., that tracks unaffiliated and minor party candidates.

6 Responses to “TPW Mentioned in Sunday’s Oregonian”

  1. Freelancer Says:

    Way to go Austin. Your work is starting to be recognized. Keep it up.

  2. Indiepol Says:

    Kudos. Thanks again for the website.

  3. undercover_ararchist Says:


  4. mmachine Says:

    You do a good service with this site.

  5. Barbara Ray Says:

    I found your site through the Oregonian article today, and I’m glad I did. I’d been a registered Independent since I first registered to vote in 1967 until I changed my registration to Democrat in order to vote for Howard Dean in the 2004 primary. Unfortunately, Dean had withdrawn from the race before the Oregon primary, and I’m still debating whether to go back to being registered as an Independent. Thanks for all you are doing to encourage viable third (fourth and fifth) political parties in the U.S.A.

  6. joe average Says:

    atta boy!

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