Fisher Out of GA House Race

Ballot Access News has the story:

Jay Fisher, who had hoped to be the first US House candidate on the ballot in Georgia from a party other than Democratic or Republican since 1942, has dropped out. He had hoped to appear as the Libertarian nominee in the 6th district. The first blow to his campaign was when he learned that the signature requirement is not 15,000, but 19,377. Since past experience with U.S. House petitioning in Georgia shows that the invalidity rate of signatures is typically 50% (since so many registered voters who sign don’t live in the correct district), this would have meant collecting 40,000 signatures before mid-July. Another barrier was that his employer informed him that, even though there is no formal policy against state employees running for federal office, an informal policy frowns on it.

2 Responses to “Fisher Out of GA House Race”

  1. Kyle B Says:

    maybe he should run consider a run for state house, state sen, or a statewide office.

  2. Chuck Says:

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Geogia’s ballot access laws are the toughest in the land. The Dems and GOP should both be charged under the RICO Act.