You Have One Million Dollars

Here’s a scenario that I think would be interesting to see everyone chime in on.

The Rules: You are given the ability to allocate donations totaling one million dollars to the candidate or candidates of your choice. The money must be gone by December 31st. It can’t go toward Presidential campaigns or into a party account or anything of the sort.

Post away. I’ll do my own as well…

24 Responses to “You Have One Million Dollars”

  1. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I’d break my $1,000,000 into four equal areas of donation.

    FIRST: $250,000 split between Rick Jore and four highly qualified Libertarians running for State House seats in districts where they could actually win. A $50k donation could go a very long way in a small or rural legislative race. Even if only 2 or 3 of these 5 actually won their races that would still be a huge step in the right direction.

    SECOND: A single $250,000 donation to the Peter Hutchinson for Governor campaign in Minnesota.

    THIRD: A single $250,000 donation to the Kinky Friedman for Governor campaign in Texas.

    FOURTH: Split $250,000 between 25 very serious third party candidates ($10,000 each) running at the local level in cities with populations of less than 25,000 people. Places where there is a qualified candidate that is just lacking the funds needed to go toe-to-toe with the major parties.

  2. Freelancer Says:

    I would break up the million and give $10,000 or more to state legislative candidates.

  3. George Whitfield Says:

    I would donate $500,000 to Michael Badnarik’s Libertarian campaign in the 10th Congressional district in Texas and $500,000 divided among 5 to 10 Libertarian candidates for state legislative seats in winable races.

  4. Will Says:

    I would give $500,000 to Pat LaMarche and $250,000 to Peter Hutchinson and then spread out the last $250,000 to 100 different local candidates, 50 Greens and 50 Libertarians.

  5. Hardy Says:

    I’d spend in on Libertarian campaigns in Vermont in the following way…

    $500,000 to the gubernatorial candidate. It will be a close race this year. The D & R will be spending between $500-$1mil each. This campaign would run as a slate with the other state wide candidates, so the 500k would also be publicizing Lt. Gov, Sec of State, Auditor, AG, and Treasurer.

    $100,000 to split between the 6 state senate races in Chittenden County—running as a slate.

    $10k each for the other 24 state senate races. (240,000)

    $5k for 28 state house races ($140,000)

  6. Hardy Says:

    Since my math isn’t working out I’ll pocket the other $20k.


    The 20k would go toward 4 more state house races.

    $5k for 32 state house races ($160,000)

    - Hardy

  7. Mike Grimes Says:

    $100,000 to Peter Hutchinson for Governor of Minnesota (Independence Party)
    $900,000 to Robert Fitzgerald for US Senate Minnesota (small i independent for now, although anyone that organized 8 caucuses in outstate Minnesota is seeking that partys endorsement as far as I can tell).

  8. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I would go back and say that if Ed Thompson decides to run for Congress I’d yank the quarter million I gave to Kinky and send it up to Wisconsin instead.

  9. Lucian Lior Says:

    Half to Badnarik and half to Sue Jeffords. If Ed Thompson decided to run I’d spilt Sue’s portion in half and give it to him.

  10. green in brooklyn Says:

    $250,000 to the Green party candidate for Governor in New York (whomever that may be - 3 or 4 people are considering a run, including Sander Hicks, Malachy McCourt, and Alice Green) to get to the 50,000 votes necessary for ballot status.
    $50K to Pat Lamarche for ME Governor (G-ME)
    $100K to Peter Camejo for CA Governor (G-CA)
    $100K to Chris Owens (D/G - NY 11th cong dist) - $25K for the Dem primary and to get him on the ballot as a Green, and another $75K for the general (as a Green) if he loses the primary.
    $25K each to Kevin Zeese (G - MD Senate), Rae Vogeler (G - WI senate), Michael Nadnarik (L - TX house), and Todd Cretien (G- CA Senate).
    The final $400K would be split between Green local candidates and Green statewide races where ballot access is on the line.

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