Texas Polling Numbers…

It looks like this year’s race for governor of Texas will be every bit as interesting as we’ve expected. Politics1 reports on a new round of polling that shows a Republican and an Independent battling it out for first place while another Independent battles it out for third place with a Democrat.

Rasmussen Reports has finally polled the wild, four-way gubernatorial contest in the Lone Star State—and Governor Rick Perry® looks pretty good in either likely variant on the race. If former Congressman Chris Bell is the Dem nominee, Perry leads with 40%, followed by State Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn (Independent) at 31%, Bell at 13%, and colorful musician/author Kinky Friedman (Independent) at 9%. Democrats only do slightly better if former Supreme Court Justice Bob Gammage is the nominee. The numbers: Perry-38%, Strayhorn-29%, Gammage-18%, Friedman-8%.

One Response to “Texas Polling Numbers…”

  1. IndiPol Says:

    Well, Strayhorn is eating into everyone’s #s. Hopefully Kinky will get some bounce from the petition campaign. He needs to be in the 20’s before the debates.