Progressive Zuckerman Won’t Run

In an announcement today on his exploratory campaign’s website, Progressive State Representative David Zuckerman announced that he would not run for Congress in 2006.

The people of Vermont have spoken and they say that they want me to put my abilities to work for them in the US Congress now. HOWEVER, many of their convictions were also cloaked in fear. Fear that a vote for someone outside the two-party system would result in a Republican being elected to office. Many said they would rather vote for their hope than their fears, but that in this race, at this time, they could not.

I thank everyone for their honesty and their input. Without it I could not have made an informed decision. Without it I would not know how best I could serve my state. Now I know.

I have a job to do as the Chair of the Agriculture Committee. Our Agricultural community is being underserved by our state. As technologies, markets, and possibilities change in agriculture there is much work to be done to expand the possibilities for Vermont farmers to continue their work and turn a profit.

The full announcement can be read here:

4 Responses to “Progressive Zuckerman Won’t Run”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    We have email this historic news.

    Guess we have to post it to get every one’s attention.

    Reform Governor Schwartzen Faker????? Yeah, Right, Sure…..


    ——Donald Raymond Lake, Founder, Citizens For A Better Vets Home (1998), a reform minded citizen of California…...

    Read the following words carefully, as they will probably not see the light of day in
    the so-call mainstream media. A valiant knee jerk response by ‘Decline To State’
    Independents and smaller party types has saved a vital piece of democracy here in
    the Neo Nazi 21st Century. The current so-called reformist governor of California is
    a former Communist Red Star fascist military cadet from Austria. After defeating
    the other worst governor in state history, Arnold Schwarzenegger then became Gray
    Davis. (Ya never see both of them in the same room at the same time any more!)

    Arnold’s Secretary of State, acting like a corrupt opportunist from the Gray Davis
    Machine, tried to clobber a local four decade old institution of national significance.
    For a while it looked like the illegal Blitzkrieg of the Peace and Freedom Party was
    akin to the original Nazi’s containment of allied forces in Northern France many
    years ago. The Peace and Freedom Party, having been a piece of the cultural
    landscape in California politics since that other overseas military adventure in South
    East Asia, was endanger of unlawful disenfranchisement. This is despite of their
    federal senatorial candidate gathering over 2% of the 2004 vote.

    Like the small ships of England in 1940, the shadowy ‘irregular’ players of West
    Coast politics rushed in to save their comrades. Guided by legal details from San
    Francisco’s Richard Winger and his Ballot Access News, the lovers of true liberty,
    real justice, and fairness for every one flooded the politicians, main stream media,
    blogosphrere, and each other with righteous indignation and secular outrage.

    The bad folks folded like a battered card table. The Democans and the Republicrats
    are the enemies of the every day citizen and the average wage slave. Our allies, our
    Peace and Freedom cousins, can continue as to moan, groan, and gripe EN
    BOLLETTA about the mess that the Big Guys have conned the rest of us into.

    I do not see the Libs (like Winger) or Greens (like 2004 independent/ Nader running
    mate Peter Camejo) holding a fancy Press Conference (with free food and drink for
    the press?). Natural Law types and reform minded citizens are regaining their
    organizational footing.

    ‘Spontaneous’ out rage from the Establishment types are
    scheduled for Mondays and Tuesdays—-not the Weekend! Do not look for these
    words to appear any where but the alternative media. (Not with insider Ron (Son-
    Of- General- Collin-) Powell at the Federal Communications Commission!)

    - 3 0 -

  2. undercover_ararchist Says:

    Boo, Zuckerman

  3. IndiPol Says:

    Too bad. He would’ve been a good candidate.

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