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Libertarian Scores 11.6% in State House Race

A really nice showing for Libertarian Richard Ford in Missouri’s special election to fill State House District 105!

105th District:
Frame - Democrat: 1,919 votes (45.8%)
Groom - Republican: 1,783 votes (42.6%)
Ford - Libertarian: 488 votes (11.6%)

Results from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

13 Responses to “Libertarian Scores 11.6% in State House Race”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    Congratulations to Libertarian Richard Ford on a fine showing!

  2. joe average Says:

    that is good in what looked like a very close three-way

  3. Otto Kerner Says:

    Well, he got just under 500 votes and lost by about 30 percentage points. I’d file that under “less bad”.

  4. Bob Richard Says:

    If at least 313 of Ford’s voters (64.1 percent) wanted Groom as their second choice, then Groom should have won—and would won have using IRV. An excellent illustration of the fact that Republicans and Libertarians have as much to gain from IRV as Democrats and Greens do.

  5. rj Says:

    Yeah, but I can’t see Republicans ever supporting it.

  6. Rock Howard Says:

    A better approach is Approval Voting. Then we would also know how many of the Groom and Frame supporters would have also have approved of Ford. Also, at the end of the day, the voters would almost certainly ended up with a representative that was approved of by over 50% of the voters.

    IRV gets rid of the “spoiler” effect in many situations, but does not increase the odds of an attractive independent or third party candidate actually breaking through and winning the seat. Approval voting can do that while also mitigating the “spoiler effect” to a greater degree than IRV.

    (For those who don’t know, Approval Voting works just like a normal single-winner election except you can vote for more than 1 candidate if you wish. This means you can “approve” or “disapprove” ever candidate on the ballot. The result is a better reflection of the will of the electorate.)

    The Travis County and Texas Libertarian Parties make extensive use of approval voting in internal elections and decsion making.

    And congratulations to Richard Ford! I though I was doing pretty good with 6.6% in a 3-way state house race in 2000 and 5.8% in another 3-way race for the same seat in 2002, but Mr. Ford blew those numbers away!

  7. Rock Howard Says:

    At least in Texas, the Republican Party is getting educated about how the election laws help the Democrats use Libertarian candidates to bash them. Accordingly they have asked the LP to compile white papers on election reforms that could balance the playing field and even allow Republican/Libertarian cooperation in situations where that is appropriate. This interest by the Republicans is due to our demonstrated (and increasing!) ability to swing elections.

    In the meantime we keep bashing away!

  8. Hammer of Truth » LP Tidbits Says:

    [...] Austin Cassidy informs us that Libertarian Richard Ford had a double digit showing in a recent Missouri state house race. [...]

  9. George Phillies Says:

    Except in the rarest of circumstances, no Libertarian has any interest in elected a Republican, a candidate of the party of detention without trial, warrantless searches, the largest budget deficits in history, and the criminal war of aggression on Iraq. There is no more reason for Libertarians to cooperate with Republicans than with Greens, Democrats, or Revolutionary Socialists (the other party that stands 100% behind the Second Amendment), however, there can always be an issue on which we may make common cause.

  10. George Phillies Says:

    But why did Groom get 11.6% and not 4%?

  11. George Phillies Says:

    But why did Ford get 11.6% and not 4%?

  12. Michael Gilson-De Lemos "MG" Says:

    Very good. I hope he has organized these voters.

  13. Michael Gilson-De Lemos Says:

    In answer to your question, George, to judge from the articles he seems to have been doing what we’ve been preaching—local politics 101. He ran a low-budget campaign focused on legwork. He has been active in the community, forged many coalitions, created positive name recognition, and keeps running. He also had people at the polls holding signs, the most important factor in gross vote count, and which tends to double results at that poll station. Finally, he seems to have stuck to his record (his activism meant he actually had something to talk about) and the LP message instead of wandering off into his issues instead of the local public’s.

    He has, however, not ben focusing that i can see on the LP name, nor is there any effort to create an organized Libertarian constituency.

    he has done 38% in other races and clearly should keep at it while building other local Libertarians.

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