Mihos Continues to Mull Independent Bid

Weathly businessman Christy Mihos is running for governor of Massachusetts, but he’s still undecided about exactly how he’ll be doing it. One option is to take on the current Lt. Governor in a Republican primary. The other… go independent.

From Cape Cod Online:

As the Yarmouth Republican Town Committee began its regular meeting Thursday, chairman Joe Pace took a minute to introduce a handful of candidates in the room, local Republicans with eyes on state and local office.

Then he turned to a man sitting at the edge of the crowd, a Cape businessman whose political intentions have Republicans and Democrats talking across the state.

‘’Are you a candidate?’’ he asked longtime GOP fundraiser Christy Mihos.

‘’Yes,’’ Mihos said, his wife by his side. ‘’For governor of Massachusetts.’’

Of course, the question remains whether Mihos, owner of the Christy’s convenience store chain, will run as a Republican or an independent. On Thursday, Cape Republicans, including candidates Richard Neitz and Ricardo Barros, grilled him on the subject.

Mihos says he has been traveling the state pushing for GOP support for his run for governor. And he told the Yarmouth audience he doesn’t have to prove his party loyalty.

But he stopped short of pledging to run as a Republican, repeating that he’d want ‘’a level playing field’’ if he challenged Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey, Gov. Mitt Romney’s choice as the new governor.

‘’I’m not going to be shut out by establishment Republicans or people who want to pass this job off like (former Gov. Paul) Cellucci did last time,’’ he told the crowd.

Party leaders insist they’ve been fair, even promising Mihos last week the 15 percent of delegates he’d need to make the primary ballot.

Regardless, Holly Robichaud, a Mihos consultant, said he’s had a hard time getting information about delegates from the state party. At a couple of town events, she said, leaders have tried to keep him from speaking. ‘’What I’ve seen in the last week, it seems like more lip service than a welcome to the party,’’ she said.

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