Green Video Response to Bush Speech

As we mentioned before, the Green Party has put together a nice little response to the State of the Union speech. As part of the effort the Green Party has posted these five videos on the party website.

I greatly admire this effort by the Greens to gain some legitimate political clout. Although, I must admit, some of the video work could have been more professionally done and some of the speakers weren’t all that persuasive.

House candidate Byron DeLear has a good clear voice and makes decent if slightly extreme points… but the background is a little dark and creepy. He probably could have used a bit of make-up as well. Gubernatorial candidate Marakay Rogers isn’t a bad speaker, but the setting is kind of amateurish and she could have benefited greatly from a teleprompter of some sort.

Gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney is a good speaker, well dressed, and has a decent plain background. That plant next to his head is a little strange, but not really distracting. His use of a teleprompter (or something along those lines) probably helped quite a bit. D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commission Chair Renée Bowser is another one who would have benefited from a teleprompter as she spoke on democracy and local issues.

Deputy Mayor Rebecca Rotzler isn’t the greatest speaker (a little flustered and she says “Now” too often), but the actual demonstration of the solar panels is quite cool.

Mostly what these lack are production value and a little coaching. With some better cameras, teleprompters, and on-screen graphics this could become a really useful tool for the Greens (or any other party).

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    Hopefully the LP.

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