Badnarik Raises $100,000+

From the campaign’s official blog...

So far this month the Badnarik Campaign has raised $25,314.99 making our record breaking total at the moment, $108,739.78! My sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, and a very special thanks to the thirteen people who have supported me with a $2,100 maximum contribution for this phase of the campaign. In case you didn’t already know, the FEC allows you contribute $2,100 to my nomination campaign (which ends at the March 25th District convention) and another $2,100 for the general election.

6 Responses to “Badnarik Raises $100,000+”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    I am glad that Badnarik’s efforts are paying off. I look forward to an interesting and exciting campaign.

  2. Joey Dauben Says:

    Rep. Michael McCaul has to be loving this, even though he’s a millionaire freshman from District 10.

    If Badnarik isn’t the most successful, if not the most active, LP candidate ever, I wouldn’t know who would be…

    I hope that money gets him tons of big yard signs and TV ads though.

  3. Will Says:

    He seems to be spending it on nonsense and crap instead of advertising.

  4. motis Says:

    If still only gets 2% like most other candidates then the LP is in trouble.

  5. Jake Says:

    First, I’d like to congratulate Mr. Badnarik, his hard-working staff, dedicated volunteers, and generous contributors on their achievements. I’d also like to encourage them and wish them the best.

    Comments on comments…

    McCaul’s money is dirty and his party corrupt. After the gerrymandering of the district, the democrats didn’t even field a candidate. Oh, sure there was a democrat “write-in”...enough said about that. The LP candidate achieved a level of success well above the national average.

    As for contributions and how they are spent… Perhaps there are still people who believe the majority of their contributions go to the cause of any fundraising, but typically that is not the case. In many instances throughout a wide variety of different causes the norm is that 25 percent (or less) of funds raised actually make it directly to the cause at hand. The large majority of the funds raised are directed at sustaining the fundraising entity. This is a “necessary evil” of sustaining a political party, most charities, and all government run welfare programs

    I have to admit I was pretty torn on the dismal performance of Libertarians over the last 30 years, but my hope is once again renewed with the success and determination of the Badnarik Campaign.

    I’d like to close my comments by saying how much I enjoyed Mary Ruwart’s book “Healing Our World In An Age Of Aggression”. If you haven’t read it and shared it with others you are missing out on one of the best works out there!

    Again, thanks to everyone involved with the Badnarik Campaign, for finally figuring out how to create and maintain sustainable synergy!


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