Greens Plan State of the Union Rebuttal

The official Press Release:

The Green Party of the United States will offer a sharp rebuttal to President Bush’s January 31 State of the Union address and also to the Democratic Party’s responses to the President’s speech.

Representatives of the Green Party will emphasize the party’s demands to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq immediately and for an investigation and impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Greens will also discuss the failed Medicare prescription drug bill, and will present their ideas about how to address the need for single-payer National Health Insurance, energy policy, and global warming.

The rebuttals will be available to the media in the form of video downloads placed on the home page of the Green Party’s web site .

The Green Party will also send (by overnight mail) a disc of the rebuttals to any member of the media who requests it. The party will issue an advisory early next week announcing that the video downloads and disc are available.

They’ve also lined up an impressive group of Green Party leaders for media interviews to support this effort. Including State Representative John Eder, Peter Camejo, Pat LaMarche, and many other candidates and state party officials. See the full list.

3 Responses to “Greens Plan State of the Union Rebuttal”

  1. The Girondin Says:

    Here’s my Libertarian rebuttal:

    Big Talk, Big Spender

    Hey, it turns out “the state of our Union is strong!” What a nice surprise—I thought we were pretty much in the toilet, myself. Shows what I know.

    It seems that no matter which white guy is president at the moment, that line always appears in the Big Speech. In the New York Times yesterday, ex-Bill Clinton speechwriter Ted Widmer said that the “Constitution does not technically require that these seven words be spoken by the president. But like a clogged artery, the sentence has hardened into oratorical tradition.”

    Why not something new? “The state of our Union is spiffy!” “The state of our Union is funky!” “The state of our Union is crantastic!”

    As for the speech, the State of the Union is sanitized for your protection, as it always is. As my imaginary girlfriend Sarah Vowell writes today, also in the Gray Lady, “It has been said that God is currently angry with America. But according to God’s publicist, the Supreme Being would like to clarify that He’s not angry, but that ‘He would like His name taken off the credits.’” Elsewhere on the political spectrum, Bill Kristol—who really should be a Libertarian by now—said on Fox News, “I think conservatives will not be entirely happy with this speech. There was more attention given to big government energy initiatives than to defending the tax cuts.”

    I will never be president, and not just because I’m a Libertarian. While I am in fact a white guy, there’s too much dirt. (The maid of honor at my wedding has since become a man, for example.) But if I was president, I would end the abuse of Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution. No more co-opting of a constitutional requirement for the purposes of delivering a 90-minute campaign speech. No more big speeches chock full of new pocket-picking “initiatives” and guaranteed clap-lines. Just a simple letter to Congress. My first State of the Union: “The state of our Union is slowly recovering, as long as you and I don’t screw it up.”

  2. Austin Cassidy’s Third Party Watch » Blog Archive » Green Video Response to Bush Speech Says:

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