Costa Rican Election In One Week

New polling numbers today look good for the Libertarians in the Costa Rican Presidential election that will be held next Sunday. If a candidate captures more than 40% of the vote then there will be no run-off.

That looks highly possible since…

Óscar Arias Sánchez could once again win the presidential election in Costa Rica, according to a poll by Demoscopia published in Al Día. 45.5 per cent of respondents would support Arias in next Sunday’s ballot.

However, what was once a 5-way race for second is now a clear one-on-one battle, and the Libertarians are doing quite well…

Ottón Solís of the Citizens Action Party (PAC) is second with 24.1 per cent, followed by Otto Guevara of the Libertarian Movement (ML) with 15 per cent, Antonio Álvarez Desanti of the Union for Change (UPC) with 5.4 per cent, José Manuel Echandi of the National Union Party (PUN) with 3.2 per cent, and Ricardo Toledo of the governing Social-Christian Unity Party (PUSC) with 2.5 per cent.

Last month’s poll has the Libertarian Movement at 13%.

The Full Polling Numbers from Angus Reid

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  1. Rob D. Says:

    Alvaro Vargas Llosa from the Independent Institute (libertarian think tank) has a piece on this here…

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