Steve Kubby Arrested in California

This is a bit of disappointing news…

From the SF Chronicle:

Marijuana advocate and former gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby, a fugitive for several years, was arrested at San Francisco International Airport on Thursday night on a plane that arrived from Canada, San Francisco police said.

Kubby co-authored “Why Marijuana Should Be Legal” with marijuana advocate Ed Rosenthal and in 1998 was the Libertarian Party candidate for governor.

According to the New York Times, Kubby fled California in 2001 after police found 265 marijuana plants in his Squaw Valley home. He was sentenced to four months of house arrest and probation—and fearing it would lead to an eventual prison term in which he would be unable to use medical marijuana to treat adrenal cancer, he fled to Canada.

San Francisco police said he was arrested on a no bail warrant for fleeing the U.S. He was arrested at 8:10 p.m. at SFO following his deportation from Canada.

UPDATE: Hammer of Truth has some more on this story and how you can get involved.

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