Final Full Results from Canada

Conservative Party site
5,370,903 votes for 308 candidates, won 124 seats (gain of 26)

Liberal Party site
4,477,217 votes for 308 candidates, won 103 seats (loss of 30)

New Democratic Party site
2,590,808 votes for 308 candidates, won 29 seats (gain of 10)

Bloc Québécois site
1,552,043 votes for 75 candidates, won 51 seats (loss of 2)

Green Party site
665,940 votes for 308 candidates, none elected

Christian Heritage Party site
28,790 votes for 45 candidates , none elected

Progressive Canadian Party site
14,446 votes for 25 candidates, none elected

Marxist-Leninist Party site
9,289 votes for 69 candidates, none elected

Marijuana Party site
9,275 votes for 23 candidates, none elected

Canadian Action Party site
6,201 votes for 34 candidates, none elected

Communist Party site
3,127 votes for 21 candidates, none elected

Libertarian Party site
3,003 votes for 10 candidates, none elected

First Peoples National Party site
1,340 votes for 5 candidates, none elected

Western Block site
1,094 votes for 4 candidates, none elected

Animal Alliance site
72 votes for one candidate, not elected

90 candidates, combined 82,643 votes, one elected

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