American Patriot Party Officially Done?

I just received this email from someone claiming to have been the National Chairman of the American Patriot Party. I say “claiming” because the group seemed to be so fractured that I’m not really sure who was in charge.


The National Office of the American Patriot Party has closed. Lack of funds and increasing struggles with changing membership has forced this action. We gave it a good try, but in the end the personalities of those involved in Third Party politics has convinced us that this project was doomed from the start. Most of the members, including the National leadership, has moved back to the Republican Party with some of the membership bolting to the Constitution Party. The few bright spots orginazationally and in numbers were seen in Illinois, Oregon, and Ohio. In the end though the forward progress in these states was not enough to keep the party moving in the right direction. Thank you to all of our members and supporters, and God Bless you all.

Regards in Liberty,

Bryon K. Pulliam
Ex- National Chairman
American Patriot Party

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  1. Bill Says:

    Pulliam was the Chairman. I remember he was the head of Illinois for a couple years and then he became Co- National Chairman with Dick Sieron. Dick Sieron then resigned. Pulliam was the National Chairman of the Party and along with one of the founders ( Nichols - who at the time was serving as National Secretary) decided to shut it down. Pulliam and Nichols were both very good guys who worked very hard and made some big strides. You two will be missed.

    Will Woodson

  2. Andy Bresten Says:

    Why would anyone question whether or not Mr. Pulliam was the National Chairman? Who would just pretend to be the Chairman of a conservative Third Party for no reason??? I didn’t know Mr. Pulliam very well, but what I do know of him was all very good. His stances on the issues facing this country and his work within the APP and other Third parties has been outstanding. If there were more gentlemen within our conservative organizations like Bryon, then we would all be together winning the big fight. Good luck in the future Mr. Pulliam, and Thank You.

    Andy Bresten

  3. Aytherix Says:

    I really hope the Patriot Party (or another form of it) is revived some time in the near future, more people who want the USA back from their cheat-elected tyrants is in part what the country needs to avoid being pulled into the rest of the globalized world.

    Good luck with your future work!!

  4. Libertarian75 Says:

    We need the the Patriot Party leadership back! Is there any way to get ahold of Pulliam or Nichols or any of the other National Com. members? If anyone has contact information for Bryon Pulliam or Brian Nichols please post it here. I think we all understand why they shut down the Patriot offices with what the previous Chairman had done (Dick Sieron) and what had happened in a few of the western state chapters, but I know they could start a new organization and set up the charter to fix those problems. If anyone knows how to get ahold of them PLEASE post their contact information.

    We need Patriots

  5. Richard Taylor Says:

    The Oregon Patriot Party has assumed the role as national for the American Patriot Party to assist states; State committees are continuing to organize.

    The misconception is that the former national was the party in its entirety. The American Patriot Party is operated by the individual states.

    Some organizational party changes have been made.

    Persons wishing to start a party committee within their state please contact the Richard Taylor of the Oregon Patriot Party.

    For Information on the American Patriot Party go to

  6. Richard Taylor Says:

    New National site will be

  7. lala wilt Says:

    I am so confused by all of this information…it doesn’t make any sense at all to me.

  8. lala wilt Says:

    Some of the American Patriot Party websites need to use spell check to sound entelligent.

  9. Jim Tiplos Says:

    What is with the new patriot party. That Taylor guys seems like a real quack. The party is nothing like what it used to be under the Brian’s. Thye claim to have all these states organizaed according to Taylor’s website, but none of them actuall have contacts in the states. The new patriot party is nothing more than that weirdo taylor having a completely awful and unreadable website and nothing else. It takes more than one nut with a website and too much time on his hands to run a successful party. If he was really serious about making the party viable he’d try to get ahold of some of the old leadership of the party and have them get it back on track.

  10. Richard Taylor Says:

    Our site presents the original intent of the founders.

    Reading the constitutional debates and other historical documents presented on the web site will help those that are not acquainted with the history of freedom.

    The site will only seem confusing to those that have not read or have studied any of the documents.

    I would suggest reviewing:

    The University of Chicago - Founders Constitution:

    and Constitution . ORG

    Several original state organizers who left under the confusing situation of the former party (which caused the previous national to step away), returned to begin organizing simply because of this clarity. There are 11 states now under organization.

    Our strict conformance to the original founders intent has limited infighting that plagued the former party that allowed those with modern interpretation to become involved.

    Bryon K. Pulliam Ex- National Chairman American Patriot Party mentions in his above letter “The few bright spots organizationally and in numbers were seen in Illinois, Oregon, and Ohio.”

    Having been Chair of the Oregon Patriot Party since 2004, I would assume our party was one of those “bright spots”. ... And thank Bryon for mentioning us.

    We invite those that wish to review our site to do so without any inhibitions from this thread.

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