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Excellent Libertarian Campaign Site

Ok, so this is actually stolen from Ron Gunzburger’s Politics1 “Site of the Day” for today… but it’s very much worth mentioning.

The Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Minnesota has an excellent campaign website.

Whoever is running the website and graphic design elements of her campaign needs to be promptly hired by every other major Libertarian candidate this year, from Garrett Hayes to Art Olivier to Randy Langkraehr and all the rest. Even Michael Badnarik could use a little bit of help, though they seem to have a new logo and probably a new website of their own on the way.

With the possible exception of Bill Peirce in Ohio, I don’t think there’s a better example of a Libertarian candidate effectively using the Internet to project a professional image.

7 Responses to “Excellent Libertarian Campaign Site”

  1. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Corey Stern had told me in an e-mail that he had the Jeffers website under control. I assume the work is all his.

    Stephen VanDyke did the Peirce site. One can see a lot of common points from the old Badnarik site and

    We’ve been in contact with a lot of the campaigns out there, but most don’t wish to pay the price (or percentage) for a quality product.

    Congrats to Sue and Corey for a great job!

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:


  3. Stuart Richards Says:

    I was gonna do a writeup about this on HoT but I’m unable to load her site.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    It works for me.

  5. George Whitfield Says:

    It is an excellent website and I was favorably impressed. I requested that they add a donate on-line method and when I signed up for news emails I informed that when that feature is added I will contribute right away.

  6. Mike Grimes Says:

    I thought this site was called 3rd party watch not 4th party watch. While there are good libertarian issues in this race Indendence Party Candidate Peter Hutchinson polling between 5 and 8% depending on the DFL nominee will be the only candidate capable of carrying them home.

    Jeffers will be left battling the Vampire for her quest to get over 1000 votes.

  7. R. Paul Says:

    I looked at the site. Very nice, professional, populist message. Too bad Jeffers is running as a Libertarian Party candidate, and not as a Populist Party candidate.

    As a lifelong (L)libertarian, I would not support or vote for the person for whom that website was designed.

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