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Badnarik Launches “Listening Tour”

Looks like the Badnarik campaign has decided to launch a “listening tour” around their district. Click the link for a full press release and some printable flyers.

This is also the first time I’ve noticed their very nice looking new logo…

2 Responses to “Badnarik Launches “Listening Tour””

  1. Kyle B Says:

    that is a nice logo, not sure how it would look on a bumpersticker but I bet it would look great on a billboard

  2. Joey Dauben Says:

    Badnarik’s campaign is proof that people will support the LP if they see an actual campaign, not just paper candidates. I’m not bashing the LP, but one has to wonder how the McCaul camp is feeling. There’s a ton of Democrats vying for the nomination in the primary, but Badnarik would give me a headache - this is actually a race the Republicans cannot take lightly. There’s not much of a track record for the Democrats to take this seat, but Badnarik could in fact inflict some heavy damage in November.

    It’s exciting to follow his race, because it’s not only in my backyard (I’m in Dallas), but it’s interesting to see active third party campaigns. Think of Jim Gilchrist or Ed Thompson. Or even Ralph Nader.

    Does anyone know if Badnarik’s campaign plans to roll out signs though? If enough people saw his name on the side of the highway in the form of signs, that would jsut amplify his name that much more.

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