NZ Green Leader Breaks Fire Ban

TV One reports that New Zealand’s Green Party leader is in a little bit of trouble over a New Year’s fire.

At least the Green Party down there is important enough so that this story actually gets picked up. David Cobb could probably torch a pre-school in the US without it making the evening news.

The Green Party leader Jeanette Fitzsimons and her husband are in trouble with the Thames Fire Service for breaching a fire ban.

Fire officers were called out to their Coromandel property on New Year’s Eve, after a fire was lit in windy conditions.

The Thames Valley rural fire officer Allan Gamble says once it had been put out, officers told Fitzsimons and her husband about the ban, which had been well advertised.

He says it’s disappointing that the leader of the Green Party was involved and says breaching a fire ban is a serious offence.

Fitzsimons says her husband’s breach of a total fire ban was unwise, but there was no risk of anything nearby catching alight.

Fitzsimons says her husband lit a small fire to try to burn off some gorse, thinking it was safe because conditions were calm and it had rained overnight. She says the fire had been put out before the fire service arrived, but officers reminded them of the ban and asked them not to breach it again.

She says she and her husband were aware of the fire ban and it wasn’t a wise thing to do. But Fitzsimons says the fire was well away from anything else that could ignite.

2 Responses to “NZ Green Leader Breaks Fire Ban”

  1. naoko Says:

    But how would torching a school help Kerry win? Cobb would have no interest in burning down a school.

  2. Stuart Richards Says:

    If it was a school in a red state, it would. That means less future Republicans. :p