Peroutka Opposes Alito Nomination

Former Constitution Party Presidential candidate Michael Peroutka has issued the following statement that outlines his opposition for President Bush’s appointment of Samuel Alito to the US Supreme Court.

“Regardless of what you have read, seen or heard, the record of President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito shows that he is not pro-life. He has voted against banning partial-birth abortion (infanticide). He has cited approvingly Roe v. Wade - which he did not have to do and which is not law. He has, in one case, said an eight-and-a-half month-old unborn baby that died was not Constitutionally a person because Roe v. Wade says this. Several articles posted on our Web page document-in-detail Judge Alito’s record on the abortion/innocent human life issue. I urge you, please, to read these articles and distribute them to as many people as possible.”

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