The Biggest Third Party Stories of 2005?

So, with the end of the year only a few days away… what events in the world of third party politics do you think qualify as the most notable of 2005? Successes, disappointments, surprises… you name it.

I’d like to compile a “top 10” list of stories for this year based on the feedback I get and my own opinions.

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  1. Richard Winger Says:

    The biggest story in 2005 in my opinion is that a US District Court in Washington state held the “top-two” system unconstitutional. “Top-two” is a huge threat to the very existence of minor parties. Data shows that when this kind of system is in place, we end up with November ballots with only Democrats and Republicans on the ballot.

  2. Will Says:

    Was Ben Brandon this year??

  3. Tim West Says:

    I think probably number 3 or 4 on the list was that the LP woke up from a self induced coma held since around 1983 and realized that it was called a political party, and that political parties did, like, politics and political stuff.

    And, like, doing politics was hard and sometimes you can’t call for instant freedom on every issue and be taken seriously….like, by anyone except yourselves….


    Seriously, the LP is a changing work in progress, and that in itself is big news.
    Who knows how it will wind up, but it’s time to either go for achievable reality or fold the tent.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Yeah, the end of LP dues has to be right up there toward the top of the list. And the “top two” ruling.

    However, Ben Brandon was elected in 2004… not sure if there are any hugely notable election wins for this year.

  5. LM Says:

    The Jim Gilchrist campaign is one of the top Third Party story’s.

  6. Kyle B Says:

    I would second that about the Jim Gilchrist campaign. I would say Elaine Brown’s campaign in Brunswick, Ga for mayor made some news

  7. Doug Says:

    I would nominate the Rick Jore story—being forced to pay for a recount you didn’t ask for has to rank up there somewhere.

    An LP Presidential candidate (Badnarik) running for Congress also deserves consideration.

  8. sku Says:

    I think that most of the third party stories for this year are actually looking toward next year: (1) the reconciliation of the Cobb and Camejo factions at the GP convention; (2) the retirement of Jim Jeffords opening the way for Sanders in the senate; (3) Kinky Friedman’s energetic gubernatorial campaign; (4) Speculation about independent candidacies by Lowell Weicker, Carolyn Strayhorn and others which could have an impact in ‘06.

  9. Philip L. Sawyer Says:

    The passing of former Senator Eugene J. McCarthy on December 10, 2005.

  10. NewFederalist Says:

    The disappointing showing of VA Senator Potts in the gubernatorial election should make the top ten.

  11. Joey Dauben Says:

    I agree with Doug 100%. And in fact, I would go further in saying that Rick Jore’s Montana campaign should rank as the No. 1 story, not just for its sheer “unfairness” but as a warning to third party candidates and campaigns as to the threat little arcane statutes pose. I say statutes because there’s no way that what happened to Jore in Montana is in any way constitutional.

    Austin, you’ve run a really great web site. Even though I’m now solidly Republican, I love reading this site for the various news from various - and sometimes obscure - parties. Keep up the great work.

  12. undercover_ararchist Says:

    The Zuckerman For Congress campaign would be my top choice. This is a campaign that has a legitimate—albeit an outside—chance of actually winning Congress.

    Badnarik’s congressional campaign would probably also qualify as a top 10 story, as would Pat LaMarche’s gubenetorial campaign.

    I did not echo any of the choices listed above, but most of them were also good.

  13. Citizen1 Says:

    Rick Jore is the top third party story.

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