The New Look for the LP Site?

I saw this link posted on last week and I wasn’t immediately sure if I liked it or not.

The current site somehow feels more inviting to me. The new one is a little overly “flashy” and the name of the party doesn’t have the strong look that I would think they’d want.

I’m sure it’s not a final version and some of these problems will probably be addressed. I am very impressed with the content additions. Some very positive changes including the addition of a box, an election countdown, the campaign tracker, and most promising of all is probably the new Libertarian Leadership School. Plus the chat room that we saw in action last week. I’m just hoping the overall packaging gets a bit more of a facelift before it goes public.

If you look at the DNC and RNC pages, it doesn’t quite look up to those standards. The LP redesign looks kind of pale and washed out by comparison. I particularly like the way the DNC’s site displays the party name. I’m a Republican but as good as the DNC website looks, I almost want to switch. ;)

4 Responses to “The New Look for the LP Site?”

  1. Stuart Richards Says:

    The DNC’s website is a thing of beauty… it’s another attempt to seduce poor souls to the dark side. :p It has a host of updates at the bottom; the site isn’t huge but still conveys a lot of info, it’s just a beautiful piece of work.

    But the Lib redesign, while still not as good as the majors, does accomplish a lot and is an upgrade from what we currently have. The one thing I’d say needs to change is the pale colors. My wife just remarked that she wouldn’t give that site two minutes of her time, simply because it’d be so hard to read. The layout is fine, it’s just that the colors need to be bolder, bold enough to read.

    I would also argue that almost by definition, we CAN’T have a site as good as the majors yet. We have to have more information on there than the majors do-we yet need to brand ourselves in a positive way to the majority of Americans, we need to explain who we are, and this can’t be acheived with a smaller, compacter layout. Also, since we’re not just using the web for promotion purposes but also to educate our candidates, we by nature need more space for that. So though it doesn’t look as good as the majors, it’s not a slam on the design team by any means-it’s as good a layout as they can accomplish at this point in time.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Maybe it would make sense to then have a general information face to the site and an easily reaced area with lots of activist and donor information on it. Something to keep those already involved with the party up to date on what’s happening.

  3. Hammer of Truth » Unveils Redesign for 2006 Says:

    [...] I have to admit knowing about the Libertarian Party site redesign since at least mid-November 2005 when Shane Cory (LNC Chief of Staff) gave us a sneak preview. Since any embargo on telling the world has now clearly passed, I think perhaps it’s time to have my say. First, I agree wholly with what Austin Cassidy had to say: I saw this link posted on last week and I wasn’t immediately sure if I liked it or not. [...]

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