LNC Chair Michael Dixon Holds Chat

The Libertarian Party held a chat on their website yesterday with LNC Chairman Michael Dixon. The transcript can be found by clicking here.

This seems like it could be a really interesting internal communication tool to help keep everyone on the same page. I only caught the tail end in person, but it seemed like turn out was good as there were nearly 70 people in the room when I arrived.

Probably my favorite question/answer of the day…

What voter is the party trying to woo, the disenchanted Small Gov rightist or the lost their party leftist?

Michael Dixon:
I don’t care what voters I attract. This is not a philosophical quest. It is a street fight for voters. Whether they agree with us in whole or in part. We need them to pull the lever (old world technology) to put us in a position of strength

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  1. Tim West Says:

    you know it’s taken a long time for it to be possible for the head of the LP to be able to say something like that - which is 100% truth - without calls to chop off his head.

    if the entire LP can just wrap their heads around that statement, and each in their own way try to help the party fulfill the party’s mission statement, 2006 is going to be big.

  2. Hammer of Truth » Rebutting Libertarian Party Chair Michael Dixon Says:

    [...] LNC Chair Michael Dixon held an online chat in the new Libertarian Party chat room yesterday. I had a scheduling conflict and arrived there for the last few minutes of the chat and missed most of it, but Austin Cassidy reports that the LP posted the transcript on their website. I thought I’d repost the transcript with some commentary on the important issues discussed. Actually, I agreed with Dixon on quite a few points, rebutted Dixon on some, and added additional commentary on many issues. [...]

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