Lieberman Leads Weicker 54%-37%

Ballot Access News has a report on a poll from next year’s potential re-match between Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman and former Senator (and Governor) Lowell Weicker. Even though Lieberman leads by more than 15 points, it’s still not a bad place for Weicker (a guy who hasn’t been in the political spotlight for the last 12 years) to be starting from.

From Ballot Access News:

A poll for the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut was released by Rasmussen Polling Company. It shows 54% for incumbent Democrat Joseph Lieberman, 37% for potential independent candidate Lowell Weicker, 7% “other”, and 7% “not sure”. No Republican was named, since no one knows who the Republican nominee will be. The poll was taken on December 8.

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