Libertarian Registration Rises in AZ

Looks like voter registration for the Arizona Democrats and Republicans fell in October, but it rose substantially for the Libertarians.

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Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer released today the voter registration figures for the State of Arizona as of 1 November 2005. The November 1 numbers are compiled pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-804 to determine continuing recognition of parties for the 2006 election.

Based on these voter registration figures, the number of registered voters needed in a party to qualify for continuing recognition is 17,764. Consequently, the only parties eligible for continuing recognition for the 2006 elections are Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican.

The statewide voter registration total has decreased to 2,663,358, down 789 from the 1 October 2005 figures. As of November 1, registered Republicans number 1,063,112—a decrease of 354 since October. Registered Democrats total 913,418—a decrease of 1,198 since October. Registered Independents and members of unrecognized parties are grouped together as “others,” which total 668,352—an increase of 528 since October.

Registered Libertarians total 18,476—an increase of 235 since October.

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