Quick Question for the Libertarians…

Has anyoned received their copy of LP News for December yet? I had placed a small ad for TPW in there and I was wondering how it looked… but I haven’t gotten my copy yet.

Also, if any of you are monthly pledgers… was our interview with Shane Cory republished in the monthly pledge newsletter? Someone from the national party had contacted me to ask permission for that and I said sure as long as I could get a copy, but I haven’t seen anything yet so I’m not sure if it ever happened.

9 Responses to “Quick Question for the Libertarians…”

  1. Stephen VanDyke Says:

    I’d send an email to Daniel Cloud. He’s already working on the January paper.

  2. Rob Hodgkinson Says:

    There is an ad in the “Business Card Directory” section

    It was on top and stands out - simple and clean!

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Neat… good to know it was in there. :)

    I’d still like to see about getting my copy though, since I am a subscriber and all.

  4. Trevor Southerland Says:

    I don’t know why this happens, but I always seem to get my LP NEWS far after almost everybody else I know…

    So don’t give up hope yet!

  5. Rob D. Says:

    Got my copy a week ago. And yes, I did see your ad, definitely stood out. Not a monthly pledger though so I can’t help you out there.

  6. Will Says:

    I seem to miss every third issue or so, maybe it’s the post office or maybe they just don’t do a good job distributing the paper. I don’t much mind because I see all the important news online anyway.

  7. Peter Says:

    Speaking of LP stuff… does the LPUS mailing list still exist? I’ve tried to sign up via Dehnbase several times, but I get no acknowledgment.

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